#622 Chuck’s Place: The Great Awakening

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The interconnectedness of now presupposes a relationship among all who currently inhabit the world stage. Why have we all chosen to be part of this time, with the unique challenges and opportunities of now? I imagine that our various incarnations have perfectly fitted us to come together for this particular world play. As always, the Christmas vignette gives us pause to step out of role and acknowledge our deeper connection.

To awaken to our deeper reality while we perform, impeccably, our parts in the story of our time, is the real challenge and the real opportunity of now. We used to need the jolt of death to awaken us, where all that seemed so meaningful but a moment before dissolved under the impact of the lifting of the veils. However, in our time, in our play, we can awaken without death; we can jolt ourselves awake to perform in a truthful play.

We woke up to elect Obama. Then, we went back to sleep and he went back to sleep. He is slipping into the Clinton formula: pacify capital under the appearance of progress. We, the populous, sit in our seats, laughing or cringing, as we watch heavily funded and poorly-acted delusional skits of tea parties, town meetings, congressional speeches, Glenn Becks, and Sarah Palins. We listen to another speech to defend our freedom with fresh troops going to Afghanistan (or was it Iraq or Korea or Vietnam?) and simply yawn. I tell you, that play is so boring, so played out, it really is a dud. Nonetheless, Obama, Director, Commander-in-chief, has chosen not to alter the play.

It looks like capital will prevail with the health care bill as well, under the veil of reform, another dud. This play is quickly slipping into the old formula, but I don’t despair. We woke up to elect Obama and I think he will eventually wake up and direct an honest reality play. (Honest Abe is his role model after all.) That’s where I direct my energetic intent. That’s our collective challenge now: to direct our energetic intent to perform in a truthful reality play.

We must be impeccable in this intent in order to advance our evolutionary potential but, at the same time, we must remain detached. After all, it’s just a play. Whether you play the hero or the villain, when the gig is up you step out of role into new life, new causes, with new roles to play. Detachment, with impeccability of performance, keeps a foot in two worlds at once, allows for a lightness of being, as we unburden ourselves of the heaviness of getting too attached and too serious about this reality. After all, it is only a play. The real possibility of our time is to participate in a different reality play, a play without veils that aligns with the truth.

This is what our many journeys through infinity have led us all to. This is why we share the stage together at this time. We are challenged with a collective recapitulation. Can we face the real truths of history and unburden ourselves of the pain and lies that construct our phony plays? Can we lift the veils in this world and open to the greater world of energetic interconnectedness, wide awake?

I say, yes! I say, we are all performers in the hottest new hit on Broadway: The Great Awakening!

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One thought on “#622 Chuck’s Place: The Great Awakening”

  1. Chuck reminds me yet again about intent, non-attachment, and how easy it is to slip back into that tired role of same-old, same-old.
    My form of “falling asleep” as Chuck calls it, is to energize my old ways, yelling and stamping my feet and waving my arms in the air as I watch the news and the talking heads (or anyone who doesn’t see it MY way….). I get caught up in that same old energy and feed it with a passion–but this time at least part of me sees myself doing it and can acknowledge it as a choice rather than my old, unchangeable knee-jerk reaction.
    I am daily offered this choice in every part of my life. And that is part of MY reason, at least, for being here at this particular time in our history. To learn NOT to fall into all those potholes waiting to snag me–to keep learning detachment from all the issues, large and small, that line up for my attention like so many screamimg children…….and to realize that so many of my inner voices are simply the BIG BABY that I carry with me, and who sleeps lightly if at all! The fact is that I am USED to reacting to my outer “thems”( is that a word?) with my inner baby. It feels very natural to this day. BUT Chuck and Jan and Jeanne have given me a much larger picture and framework for this current life, and I even have tools to use if I choose to pick them up. When I see and feel clearly and truthfully the connection that we all share–the inherent ability that we all have to use our intention for truth–the power of the heart over the reactive “head committee”–I feel much more peaceful, aligned and free. I intend, right now, to focus on the power of an energetic “wake-up” call to my fellow actors,including Obama et al, all the while realizing that we all have to eventually “exit-stage left” to our next adventure. But, BOY, IS IT HARD!!!
    Keep reminding me, Chuck!

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