#621 Remain in Flux

Sorry this is a little late today. Due to extreme cold the internet has been down all morning. Have a great weekend!
-Jan & Chuck

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Bring your energy inward now as the outer energy continues to pull at you. Remain centered, balanced, and in a state of flux, within and without, so that equilibrium and maturity of purpose and decision remain in tact. In turning inward, your work upon the self may continue unabated though your outer world may continually rev its engines. Your inner energy, to combat the outer engines buzzing loudly, must tune to a lower hum for this equilibrium to be achievable.

I cannot stress enough how important it is, especially at this time of year, to remain innerly connected. Find your balance and your inner place of calm so that you may flow now, uninterrupted, into holiday time, available to interact with dignity and mature grace, through this time of coming change.

There is little else you need attend to now. Stay focused on maintaining a steady inward gaze throughout the time ahead. This will aid you in holding your place in your inner work. Turn inward with heart-centered breathing, with calming mantras, and with mirrors of inner reflection, finding always the personal meaning of your outer world, asking the self, in an innerly manner, to ponder what is being shown outside of you. Your world reflects your deepest issues and this you must constantly contend with to truly remain in flux.

Enjoy your inward turning, not a chore but a path to enlightenment of self. This is the reason you exist, not only to live in that world, but to find the true reason you are in that world at this time. What are you supposed to learn? Your answers to that question must be taken from your outer life and answered in your inner life. To get to a place of deep inner work, to a place of true flux, is to accept responsibility for every step you take, every place you find yourself, every confrontation and challenge you encounter and turn inward in contemplation, without judgment or blame of self or others, but as simple fact that this issue is most important and necessary work at this moment.

To ask the self why is just the first step. The second step is to wait for the inner self to respond. Your answers will come, though perhaps not as you wish them, perhaps in an unusual or uncomfortable way, but no matter how they arrive, your next step is to receive them and take them back into your inner self and go deeper, asking what you are supposed to learn next. This is true inner work in flux with every day life.

Find your equilibrium and without fear or judgment allow the self to venture inward even as you move forward in your outer life, flowing and knowing that life and the universe expect you to keep challenging the self to fully grasp the true meaning of your existence. I give you this gift to ponder, as usual: the SELF!

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