#595 You Are Now On The Brink

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
It is fall in the Northeast, the weather has been rainy of late and the energy a bit sluggish, at least that is one aspect that we, Chuck and I, have been feeling. On the other hand there is also a feeling of transition, as if we are caught in mid-shift, slightly suspended, anticipating new energy and change. We feel the push to hurry things up, but also the pull to slow down and allow the process to unfold. Do you have guidance for us during this time of pushing and pulling energy? Or is something else going on that we are not interpreting correctly?

You may be feeling the tug of war going on in the atmosphere related to the greater energy of the universe and planetary activity. It is not unusual to be affected by that which is far removed from your world. This is a fine example of what I often speak of as outer energy, and how it has affect on human existence, though it is far beyond your everyday world, your personal issues, and your daily existence. You are correct in surmising that this is a time of transition in suspension. My own question to you is: What are you supposed to learn now during this time of lull?

You are indeed supposed to slow down, yet feel the push of vital new energy at your back as well. It does exist, creating tension, allowing for the motivation that is necessary, yet also requiring participation, now, even while you feel the lack of motivation. This is a time of grave and meaningful energy, a testing time, asking you to hold onto your convictions, your deepest desires for change, even while you feel the energy of old seeking to blanket you in its musty and undesirable comforts; comforts no longer growth-oriented. You are fully aware of this in one sense, while at the same time you are not quite fully cognizant of anything. This is an in-between time. In shamanic practices and traditions this is a time of great test of fortitude. For as you may feel that nothing is happening so why not reach for the old comforts, in fact, very much is happening to allow your forward growth.

Hang in there, My Dears. Reassert yourselves innerly in your convictions to change. Reassert your intent to grow. Realign with your desire for real change because it is about to happen. You are now on the brink. Keep going.

Stay focused and remind yourselves that the veils will keep dropping because that is their job. They fall in front of you at each step. Recognize them for what they are, push them aside, and step forward, even though you are unable to see where your step will take you. This stepping into the void, into the unknown, is a test of your own trust in the self to take on whatever appears next in your journey. It is such a meaningful time of self-discipline, self-motivation, and courage. Keep going.

You are almost there. I encourage you all, My Dear Readers, to use the energy in this way: Keep moving forward, not blindly, though you may feel blinded as you proceed. Look innerly and attach to you incredible abilities of knowing and seeing, connected to your spirit’s knowing and seeing that this is indeed the right road to be on, the right time to be on it, and the right direction to be moving in. Clarity will come.

Stay on your path, with awareness and conviction. These two things alone will guide you through this time of energetic confusion, malaise, and discomfort. It is soon over.

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