#596 Today’s Challenge: How to Acquiesce to the Inevitable

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Allow the self to flow today, acquiescing to that which cannot be controlled, accepting that this is the natural order of things, that this is the alignment that will further you along on your journey, that this is the next necessary step. What approaches on today’s energy may be quite startling and challenging or it may appear to be a normal progression of that which you have already been experiencing. My suggestion to you is to flow with whatever comes, My Dears. It is inevitable. Once it arrives there is nothing to do but acquiesce, for it is what must be present in your life.

However, how you acquiesce is your challenge. How you use your energy, and how you allow your energy to be intercepted or utilized by outside energy is your personal challenge, today and all days. This process of determining how your energy is going to be part of your daily life, no matter what comes to greet you, is necessary training for an evolving being.

What do I mean when I suggest acquiescence and when I suggest that you determine how to use your energy? I speak of the opportunity to make some vital choices. I speak of energetic choices. I speak of personal inner energy and outer unrelated energy. I speak of the choices you must make, each day, in how you decide to use your energy. This is a good focus for today as the energy begins a grand shift.

Over the next few days you will begin to see signs of this shift. You may see it outside of you more readily than you may feel it inside you, but be assured that you will notice something. You may feel a bit off, you may notice a certain discontent with the status quo, you may feel slightly disoriented or even greatly out of sync. I suggest that you will, in some way, feel that a shift is taking place. I ask you to remain aware of the fact that a shift is inevitable, so use it to grow in awareness.

First, I ask that you accept and acquiesce to this fact of shift and change. Secondly, I ask that you make a predetermined decision to remain aware, and, thirdly, to intend good energy usage. Predetermine and set your intent to flow, but simultaneously to make good choices regarding your energy usage over the next few days of this shift. Predetermine that either you are going to stay innerly focused, no matter what comes to pull you outwardly and away from a time of inner contemplation and quiet work, or predetermine that, yes, you are interested in testing your awareness out in the energy, and then enter it, fully aware that you are doing so to learn how to remain aware while in the throes of it. You see, this is an either-or energy situation, requiring aware choice making in order to learn something of value.

If you can use this upcoming energy wisely, for self-growth, resisting the pull to simply acquiesce without awareness, you will learn something very important. You will have an experience of the self as energetically removed from that which is going on outside of you, and you will begin to more fully understand what it means to be an energy being.

So, I send you off to make some choices in alignment with growth and energy learning. However, if you elect to go into the energy in an old fashion, into oblivion, into abandon, into unawareness, then make that choice be your intent too, for you will learn something necessary. Even in repetition of something old is there great learning potential.

Just remember: You are in control. No one else is to blame for the choices you make. Only you can learn and understand the lessons of the self and the journey you present your self with.

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