#594 Observe the Self Out in the World

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

The inner self knows. Allow the truths of the inner self to be more fully and truthfully revealed, for only in knowing the fuller self will you be able to resolve your issues and move on. Do you tend to look outside of your self for someone to blame for the problems that arise in your life? Do you tend to argue with others rather than present the inner self with the same arguments? Do you seek retribution outside of you for all that befalls you and for the position that you find your self in?

Today is a good day to turn inward, proposing the questions you pose regarding others to the self. Why must you do this, you might ask? Why must you do such a painful thing to the sensitive self? Why do I continually ask you to take on the inner battles?

If you do not go to battle against all that drives you to anger and resentment outwardly, by taking it inward, you will not grow. It is that simple. You will stay encased in your fears, your perfections, your controlling habits and behaviors constructed to protect you from your deepest truths. In so doing will you be subjected to repetition of the same issues, endlessly, without resolution, release, and relief from that which holds you back.

I do not suggest that you will resolve your issues with a simple command to move on, for that is not how progress is made. You might not like my proposal that deep hard work on the self, truly getting to the bottom of your emotions, ties, fears, behaviors, and other aspects that keep you bound to that world, is necessary, but this is indeed my proposal.

The energy now may be a little rough on you as the next transition time approaches. Do not lose sight of the evolutionary potential and progress that is expected of all of you who reside upon that earth. Do not lose sight of expectations for growth as you go into that world of everyday life. All are expected to grow, to learn what it means to be in that world, and to learn to connect with the inner self.

Staying connected to the inner self, at all times, is the challenge, while keeping the outer world’s demands in perspective. Loss of connection to inner self and inner work will result in those repetitive behaviors I spoke of earlier. When finding the self in such places, perhaps now bored with repeating energetic attachments that no longer give anything, remind the self that there is another self, far more interesting, asking for some attention. How you begin to pay more attention to the inner self is a very personal process, but I suggest that this is a good time to make a new connection with this inner self. If you already have a viable and lively debate and relationship going on then this is the time to go deeper, to give a new challenge, to push for something new.

Greater connection now will mean greater growth in the near future, and this is what you seek, to tap into the energy of growth so that you have the opportunity to evolve. The inner self is patiently waiting, always. The inner self does not judge or blame. The inner self offers only the challenges that are truly necessary, right now, for you to push through the malaise that keeps you back.

Here is how to do this: Observe the self out in the world. Listen to how you speak to others. Listen to your conjuring mind, to your judgments and your reasoning. Do you truly believe what you hear your self saying? Challenge the self to only speak the truth, or do not speak at all. Challenge the self to think only the truth as well. Challenge the self to feel only the truth. Challenge the self to push aside the veils so that you may gain clarity, so that you may clearly speak, hear, think, see, observe, and know what truly is. This is your goal now: to access and know the truth of the self, inside and outside.

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