#592 Intend Shift Today!

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us?

As always, I suggest that your focus and your intent remain turned inward, on self-growth and self-discovery. Continue your process of discovering who you truly are, why you are there, and what you are supposed to be doing with your life. The answers to these questions will change as you grow and evolve, as you discover new abilities and allow the self to utilize them to your fullest. This becomes one of your greatest challenges, My Dears: to fully utilize your abilities; to more fully discover your life’s purpose by daring the self to truly venture into new worlds by utilizing your own abilities.

Your purpose in life will become clearer as you learn the truth of the self and allow the self to venture forth out of the familiar and into the unfamiliar where adventures and experiences await you. But one can only truly have adventures if one is willing to sever ties to old comforts and habits and by daring the self to change. In pushing the self to change one offers opportunities to truly grow and evolve, leading to greater self-discovery and a greater participation in the adventures of life upon that earth.

Do you wish to live a vigorous and engaging life upon that planet, part of the greater energy, discovering how you specifically fit into this greater energy beyond the self? Do you admire others who have the daring to move fast, determining that they must embrace what they know is right? Do you struggle with complacency and attachment to the known and the familiar, even though they may be quite detrimental to you?

Each day is an opportunity to offer the self new life, and that is what I suggest to you today as a means of pushing the self beyond the mundane. Allow the self a little adventure today! Ask the self to follow your spirit’s urge for something new to spark your interest and shift you out of your place of boredom. In shift will you discover something waiting in your path that you have not noticed before. In daring to shift you will open new doors and you will begin to find the self quite engaging.

Intend shift today, leaving your intention open to the universe, to the greater energy to show you what is specifically a new direction for you to take. You will be presented with something. Allow the self to be open to what comes, receive it with humility and wonder, no matter what form it takes, and accept it for the fact that it comes to guide you and lead you forward. It comes as part of your adventure, to lead you on your way.

In intending shift you must remain alert to how your gift of shift arrives. It may be quite a subtle suggestion or note; it might be quite a whack over the head, or in a form that you might find quite unusual and almost unnecessary. Do not question how your intent is answered, but accept it as truly necessary to move you forward. In its arrival will it carry with it many as of yet unseen gifts as well, and this is what you must be open to.

Life offers many gifts, disguised yet necessary, and each of you must learn why your gifts arrive in the packages they do. This is where your inner centering self must come in and remain cognizant, part of your process, not obsessively present, but aware and flowing with you on your journey. This inner self must become your trusty and familiar new companion, open to new life, and as daring as you need to be in order to accept the gifts that life tosses at your feet, asking you to pick them up and utilize them to the fullest.

It is a new time of shift and, as I have been noting, it is up to you to elect to ride the energy of change. Do you dare?

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