#591 A Time to Test What You Have Learned

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for your readers today?

The time is now one of quite good energy. It is a time of awareness building and energy building; a time to hone some skills, whether they be in the real world, in the inner world, or in crossing the great divide in between. It is a time to test what you have been learning, a time to step out into greater awareness by urging the self to stay upon the path of growth, but also to now be a little more daring.

By being daring, I mean that the energy of now is prepared to offer you the opportunity to have meaningful experiences, and because you have been training your attention to notice the signs in your life you may now be in a position to experience something new. But, as always, this requires action on your part. In daring the self to move beyond the well-worn zones of comfort that are both necessary and a little boring, you challenge the self to grow, and this is good. By challenging the self to go beyond your comfort zones you open the door to new energy for the self. This energy may come in calm inner knowing of the value of the self. It may come in vigorous energy of new self-esteem and new capabilities that have, as yet, not been awakened. If you are young and have not ventured into the world much yet, this is energy of kindness and graciousness, gentle, helpful energy that will show you that there is really nothing to fear as you step a little further along your path. If you are older and have had a lot of life and may even be somewhat bored with your life, cynical, or have gotten into a bad rut, then you too may appreciate this specific energy, for it may remind you of your young and vigorous self, so innocent and eager for life, though fearful at the same time.

I urge you all, My Dear Readers, to venture out into the energy that abounds over the next few days. This is good and vital energy that, if you are ready and daring enough, will show you something important about the self that you really do need to learn in order to continue your journey. To learn about the self is a valuable lesson and this time is one of goodness and gentleness, well-attended by spirit guides and others who are ready and waiting, prepared to carry you forward because you ask to be pushed a little now, for your own good.

This is a time of transition that will be quite invigorating and positive, but the impetus must come from within. The self must be challenged by the self; the self must push beyond the boundaries and well-established limitations in order to tap into this energy of goodness and kindness. If you do this you will learn something of value that will enable you to push forward, in spite of common obstacles and the opinions of others. This is not about what others confront you with, nor the judgments or protests that may arise from outside of you. This energy is about the mature adult self truly knowing that it is time to step outside the box and take on the energy that is available, fully knowing that it really is time to do something new and different, keeping in mind that, yes, this is good energy to engage.

I hope you will dare to step out into the freshness of this energy time, for it invites participation, not in foolhardy terms, but simply because you are ready to move beyond your present situation. You know you are ready; you have just been waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Well, My Dear Readers, that time is now. Good Luck! I await your growth!

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