#590 A Day of Feeling & Reflection

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for your readers today?

Today is a day to feel. Allow your selves to feel for the self, but also allow the self to feel for others. This is a very important practice, for only in feeling the pain, joy, confusion, despair, agony, and all else of others will you be able to learn what it means to be a balanced individual. If all emotion and feeling is internalized, for the self alone, then you will remain bound by ego and self-pity. If no outward turning happens and no outer reciprocity is achieved then you will not learn the meaning of either compassion or loss of ego. Both of these things are supremely important if you are to evolve.

Compassion requires outward turning. It requires looking outside of the self and truly feeling the self in others. For only in so doing will you be able to comprehend what it means to be human. But first one must be able to allow one’s own feelings to emerge and become acceptable to the self. One’s own feelings of loss and sadness, of joy and excitement, of pity and despair must be acknowledged and fully felt in order to be known and accepted as human attributes in all beings. In accepting that you are not alone in your emotions, and in turning your awareness toward all others as harboring like feelings, will you begin to live a more passionate and a more compassionate life. If you remain locked and blocked to the true feelings of the self you will not achieve fulfillment of this basic task of self-knowing.

In fully knowing the self will you be open to fuller knowing of all who reside upon that earth. In this way is the process of projection both helpful and growth oriented. You see, the reflection in the mirror looks back at you with expectations that you will do the job that your image so desires. Your image looking back at you is full of all the feelings and emotions of the world, holding all that you must learn and accept about the self as being no different from anyone else.

With self-knowing, self-acceptance, and loss of self-importance comes true passion for life and the lessons in what it means to become a truly compassionate being. This is today’s lesson: allow the self to truly feel today. Pay attention to whom in your life is triggering feelings. Who is responsible for getting you riled up, angry, sad, delighted, or any number of emotionally attentive behaviors? Pay attention to your feelings. Pay attention to how they arrive. Pay attention to what they are showing you about the self. Pay attention to what they are showing you about others and about the world. Pay attention to how you are being confronted with your big baby, your ego, your superiority complex, your ego-busting self, your low self, your high self, and everything in between. Pay attention to the energy of reflection today, for it is here to guide you, and it will come riding in on the feelings that are being stirred and evoked by the circumstances in your life.

Do not dismiss anything today. Keep in mind that everything is meaningful. Look for the signs of what this means and attempt to read the signs from an egoless state today. What do the signs you receive mean about you, truthfully? Look at the self with an eye of discernment as you go into this energy of emotion and feeling. Do not wallow in it or get swallowed by it, but use it as a study tool. What does it mean about the self? How important are you? And, once you discover that, you may begin to take the next step toward compassionate understanding of the self and others.

Do good work today. Soften the self and trust the signs. The energy is waiting.

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