#572 Raising the Alarm

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to guide us over the next few days as we go into the weekend?

Channel from your heart, My Dear One, so that my words may be clearly heard.

Do not allow the outer forces of darkness to usurp the light that attempts to shine more brightly upon that earth. Remain keenly aware, at all times, that the forces of evil are returning in full force, attempting a takeover. This is a worldwide phenomenon that occurs quite regularly, throughout all time, and has been historically documented.

How often does this occur?

Within a hundred year span upon that earth it can occur many times.

Why does this happen?

The forces of evil stir when awareness is low, when times are hard, and when the people of earth are troubled by the problems of daily life. When they are forced to attend to domestic and social ills their focus is outward on the world and on simple survival, rather than inward and on what is right. Such a time has been building upon that earth. Attention caught in mere survival results in energy turning bitter and angry, and this becomes the focus, projected energy of blame and discontent. This is now a season of much disturbance of energy and many are swept up in the fires of bitterness.

What should we do?

Clarity must be maintained, and this clarity must be attributed equally to compassion and right action. I have long been speaking of the need to learn what it means to attain a place of compassionate loving detachment for all beings upon that earth and to understand, by remaining in such a loving place, what steps of action to take.

Goodness must not fall by the wayside now as the darkness stirs into hatred. Despair must not instill fear in those who normally do not speak up. Even the silent ones among you have power in energetic intent. Now is a time of action for the simple fact that if you do not act and react to that which is obviously wrong in the world, then you will not have room to change things again for a long time. It does not matter where you live in the world; this is a time of stirring of the dark side. My warning is not unique. You hear such warnings all the time, but do you really understand what is happening?

I think we do, and many people are aware that false accusations and blatant lies are being spread in our own country.

The machine of denial and untruth is enormous. Do not doubt its power, for it is heard by many who live in fear and discontent. It is not a time to be ignorant of what is happening in your world, but a time to stand for justice, love, and compassion for all beings upon that earth. It is time to dismiss the so-called fears, for most of them are falsely constructed and have become contorted and used beyond all sensibility, merely as fodder for the fires.

The fires of discontent will continue to be fueled by false rhetoric because the energy of darkness understands how important an element fear is in the context of inciting and arousing anger, a most necessary aspect of its energy. Without anger there would be little progress. It is time for the good, the light, the energy of compassion and truth to use its own anger of discontent to put out the fires. The problems will not go away on their own. The fire will rage and destroy everything in its path, unless the energy of awareness attacks it with far greater force. By turning against it with a mission of truth as the catalyst, bringing waters of clarity to squelch the flames fueled by lies, one anger may control the other and hatred, fear, and the loss of love and compassion may be quelled.

But it must happen now. Now is the time to look at what will be lost if love, compassion, truth, and awareness are not brought out into the open. Do not keep your goodness locked inside you now, My Dear Ones. Each one of you has enough good energy to change the world. Each one of you has enough awareness of what it means to act with goodness. Each one of you knows what is truly right.

Alarm is my intent today, to arouse you all to the intent of the dark side to destroy the progress of goodness by gaining entry into the psyche of each individual who is caught by the fears and lies and to use such individuals for its own purposes. (See NOTE at end of post.)

This sounds very dark, almost evil.

I do not jest, nor do I threaten that which is not true. I beg you, My Dear Readers, to look around you. The world is not on a collision course toward annihilation, but it is enroute to a new phase. Either it heads straight into the darkening storm on the horizon, unable to see what is before it because of the smoke caused by the fires of discontent, and simply because someone says it is the right direction to take, that there is nothing to fear in this direction, or the world may choose to look with eyes of clarity and speak the truth, rising above the crowd, instinctively aware that there is trouble ahead if that route is taken and provisions are not made to take a new course.

Do you choose to run with the crowd, into the flames, simply because that is where the crowd is going? Look around you. What is truly the right direction? Use your awareness, your clear vision, and take action rather than follow the leaders who are attempting a takeover.

Save your energy for useful thinking, for truthful thinking, for right action. Thank you for listening to my admonition today. I seek to warn the loving gentle ones upon that earth that fear alone can change the course of history, but so can clarity.

Seek to understand the truths beneath the rhetoric. Which fears being promulgated are true fears and which are false fears? That is where you will find the answer to how to combat evil with good. Act with goodness at all times, within the self and without. Find the true answers deep within and you will find the answers to what to do without. You, by your true goodness and compassion, have the energy to change the world. Remember, first and foremost, that you are an energetic being, and so are all upon that earth!

NOTE: At this point in the channeling I was aware that Jeanne was indicating that the energy over the next few days has qualities to blanket our awareness, so that even though we are seeing what is happening, we are not alert and reactive, so it is a dangerous stratum that may help the overall dark energy. As she queries us at the end of the message, are we just cattle going to the slaughter?

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