#571 Put on a New Pair of Glasses

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Today is the day to question your reality and your dream world alike. Do not question the truth of them, but question what they are attempting to show you. Question what you are being taught and what you are asked to open up to. The Universe supports you at all times, though you may not be aware of this. The Universe, encompassing everything seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken, clear and unclear, is prepared at all times to guide you, but it is up to you to wake up to its teachings.

In order to understand how the universe works it is most important that you accept the blurring of worlds as natural, as appropriate, and also as confusing, for the Universe, in its attempts to get your attention, must often shake you up, shattering your illusions, and creating a new world in which you are more open to accepting the gifts it offers. If you remain solidly planted in your so-called reality, your every day world of work, worry, and little enlightenment, you will not be in a position to notice that you are being offered many options for growth and shift, many gifts that have the capacity and ability to jolt you out of your daily slumber.

However, if your concrete reality, with its sharply defined rules and edges, becomes indistinct, shaking you out of your slumber simply by appearing differently, you may begin to question it, but also your place in it, and this is good. Are you really present in such a place of stability and unrelenting boredom, or are you simply passing through on the way to other worlds?

Offer yourself some questions, but do not stay stuck on the questions themselves. Instead, pose the questions and then ask the Universe to offer you a glimpse of a new reality, another reality, as perfectly viable as the one you daily exist in. In so doing you will learn that it is just a matter of shifting your perspective on life and reality that allows you to experience the magic of life upon that earth.

Accept the true fact that life upon the earth is full not only of magical moments, but of magical signs, ideas, and opportunities. Simply by shifting your thoughts from their usual well-trodden paths, you will be offered a new direction for interpreting your world and accepting new ideas. In this manner, that which is before you each day will suddenly take on new meaning as a magical place of learning, and life will shift from the mundane to the exquisite.

Experience your self differently today by allowing the Universe to show you something. Ask the question: What is reality? Then defy every known interpretation of what that means and allow the self to perceive it in a different manner. Is the world around you beautiful, or is it sinister? And why is it either? Is the Universe attempting to show you the side of the self you have neglected, or is it showing you the side of the self you have right before your eyes, but have been too cautious and afraid to trust as truthfully your reality? Is the Universe challenging you to accept something painful or something strange that you have not fully understood about the self?

The Universe is there to guide you to that which you must learn about the self. By accepting your challenges with an open mind, without attachment to worry, fear, the big baby, and the life of victimhood that so often strangles growth, you have the opportunity to open a new door to interpreting life as a journey.

Where is my journey taking me now? Where am I allowing my journey to take me? Do I go, or do I stay where I am? Do I acquiesce because I know that I must keep going? Or do I say: Stop pushing me, life!

As you learn who you are, as you accept the truths of the self, you will find that your awareness of gifts from the Universe will increase. I urge you all, My Dear Ones, to drop your old ideas of the self, of your reality, of your expectations, and adopt an open mind, a freer spirit, and step into the magic that surrounds you. Put on a new pair of glasses, so to speak, so that you will be able to see differently. And then accept what you see and experience as equally real and valid as the shoes upon your feet and the skin upon your body, the feel of which may change as you allow your self to drop all pretenses and take off in a new direction.

Do you dare? Do you dare see with new eyes, feel with new touch, sense with new senses, and accept the magic all around you? What are your challenges and your magical gifts today?

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