#570 Change the Self a Little Each Day

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

I must remind you, once again, to stay upon your path, seeking always the truths of the self and walking always toward the light of greater good. Though I send you many words of wisdom and connection, so do I know that from one day to the next those words fall from your present attention and become lost in the dreams of yesterday. But I ask you to remember, at all times, your reason and your purpose for living that life, and if you have not found it do not judge the self harshly, but do not either forget to continually seek this true aspect of self.

Remain aware today, on this day of shift and transformation. Look always for the small shifts that you alone can make in your own life in order to transform the self in some manner each day. Do not look outside the self for signs of such transformation so much. Look instead to the self and demand greater effort for your own life’s progress. This is your challenge at all times, to transform the self so that you may grow and evolve.

Growth and evolution require that you change. They require that you continually challenge the self to become a spiritual being, in human form, to your fullest potential, wholly present in both human and energy without ego domination. Remain in perfect balance, perfectly aware, and perfectly humble as you face your truths and live your life in this state of merged balance, but do not look for perfection as your goal. Look instead always to change the self a little bit more each day. Do not treat the self harshly nor berate your progress thus far, but ask the self to continue always forward, shifting into new awareness, and utilizing it for change of the self.

Do not forget what you have learned about the self as energy, nor forget to remain aware of the energetic form of all things. As you grow bring your awareness always back to this truth of the self. This is the main feature of the self to grasp and retain as you do your work of self-discovery and evolutionary exploration: You are energy. Everything is energy. Explore that phenomenon more thoroughly!

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