#568 Take Out Your Magnifying Glass

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
In the last message you reminded us that we are energy beings seeking evolution through our human experience and you urged us to REMEMBER this at all times. Many people who we work with remarked that this was a very good message for them to receive on that day. Today is the eighth anniversary of the fall of the World Trade Towers and other acts of destruction in America, a day when you still resided in your human form. As we try to hold onto our awareness of ourselves as energy, we continue to be confronted with very real and challenging experiences here on earth, such as you battling breast cancer eight years ago and the attacks on America. From an evolutionary perspective, what should we remember and learn about our human condition, physical and otherwise, as the anniversary of this day is once again noted?

Take a magnifying glass to the self today. Look closely, and then more closely, at the evolution of the self over the past eight years. I myself, Jeanne Ketchel, have evolved since that great day of transformation. Many suffered on that day as many suffer each day. Do not take it out of context, for it was a most propitious and dreadful day in America and New York City and it continues to hold both mystery and sorrow, but turn away from the engineered sorrow and look more closely at the feelings and issues of the self as related to the time span of eight years.

In my own time I lived upon that earth but a few more months, already aware and noting that I was on a journey that would move me beyond the human experience. Although I fought until the very end, with my loving husband, My Chuck, at my side, I did not turn one moment from knowing that I was a being who was going to die. And did I die? My human form did die, and had already begun a process of decay, but my energy form did not die at all. The shamans whom I learned from reminded us always to retain awareness of our deaths, that yes, we are going to die. As you look upon your selves on this day, today, look for significance of the self as an evolving being. Look for what you have learned about the self as an energy being. Look for what you now have learned about death, evolution, awareness, and the understanding you have gained about life upon that earth as well.

You are a being who is going to die. I died. Yet did I also pass on to new life, as did all those who died upon that momentous day eight years ago. I urge you to treasure the life you live, but do not lose sight of your moment of transformation, whether it comes quickly and abruptly or slowly and ploddingly. Your moment of death is your moment of transformation, release from human form and the issues and problems of that human form, but it does not mean that you are done with life, for life continues.

Today I pose these ideas:

1. Remind your self, each day, that you are an energy being. This will aid you as you experience the unexplainable and the mysterious happenings in your life.

2. Remind your self that you are a human being who is now living upon that earth in order to learn certain things that you alone must learn. Your job is to learn what those lessons are and to resolve them.

3. Remind your self that you are a being who is going to die. In so doing may your awareness be captivated by this thought in order to turn your focus back to your physical form and the life you are living, refocusing you on your tasks.

4. Each day, ask your self: Am I learning my lessons, seeking the answers that I alone must discover for my own evolution?

5. Remind your self, each day, that the people in your life are necessary for your growth. Look around at who you have closest to you. What are they teaching you? Who else is present in your life who is your teacher, your guide, your protagonist, your catalyst to deeper understanding of the issues of the self?

6. Remind your self that although your journey is very important to you so are you very important to the journeys that others are taking beside you. Are you a good partner to those who travel through life with you? Are you learning what it means to be loving and compassionate to others, as well as the self?

7. I also urge you all, My Dear Ones, to never forget that you are upon that earth for other reasons besides growth of the self. Each one of you has other tasks. Each one of you has something to offer humanity. This may be something quite simple and beautiful, such as joy and light-hearted vigor, or it may be a serious and quite distinctly darker task, though equally beautiful in its necessity. Each of you is asked to evolve the self in human form, seeking always to discover what more you can do upon that earth to change it, so that evolution may take place. I do not mean to charge you with a task that you are not ready for, or to push you to do something for the sake of doing. No, you are each charged with discovering the true task that is yours alone, done without ego attachment, but purely for the evolution of others. Many of you are already doing what you should be doing.

8. This is the final thought that I offer you today: Are you truly fulfilling your destiny, the destiny of your spirit in human form? Do you dare to accept it, flow with it, and allow it to show you your true purpose in life?

Once again, I urge you to take out your magnifying glass and upon closer examination of the self as energy, physicality, ego and non-ego alike, ask the self: Who am I?

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