#567 Two Things to Remember

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today, I leave the door open for you to speak about what you will. Where are you?

I am right here, for the asking.

What do you offer us today?

Today, I speak of the past and of its treasures and symbols, its signs and meanings, and of its desire to become known so that it may eventually become integrated and spent, no longer a place of regret or sorrow, but a place of former passion and understanding, a place fully reconciled and brought forth into who you are now, an evolving being.

To become more fully integrated in your life now, and to fully accept your self as an energy being, it is of vital importance that you resolve the issues of your past that still cling to you, keeping you weighed down. The past may be your present life’s issues, yet to be recalled or dealt with, or they may be issues from past lives held over for resolution in your present life. First, you must find out who you are now, gaining a fuller picture of your true self and your true desires for growth. Once you have found the truth of the self as an energy being and accepted that you are more than just blood and bones, so will you be ready to venture further within the self, discovering that your life has indeed been one of learning how to function as an energetic being, even while you have been learning to function as a human being.

The charge you give your self with each lifetime upon that earth is to integrate these two selves, so that you may attain a balance and complete a lifetime in full awareness of the self as an energy being upon a journey of meaning and awareness, integrating your many lives in order to complete your cycles upon that earth as a mature spiritual entity. Do you not look around you in wonder? Do you not seek something greater than the daily life you live so diligently? Do you not feel your energy stirring inside you, asking for you to allow it to express itself more fully each day?

The energy of the self does not reside in the human body alone, but utilizes the human body as vehicle into many situations where it may explore its capabilities. While you sleep and dream, your energy is exploring. While your mind is busy conjuring, your energy may be elsewhere occupied, without your knowing. While you are looking for something to occupy your self with, so is your energy also on a quest.

My purpose in returning to the two themes of the past and your personal energy is that these two items are of utmost importance to an evolving being. Awareness of the self as having lived many lives for the purpose of spiritual evolution must be attained and retained. Awareness of the self as energy must also be attained and retained. Gaining a clear picture of the self as an energetic being, having lived many lives in order to learn these two things, may be quite challenging to grasp for some, while for others it is, and always has been, quite apparent. It does not matter which category you find your self in. The main issue is to allow the self to gain this clarity but, beyond that, to recognize it as true. The greatest challenge then becomes to hold onto this clear picture, at all times, to remember: I am an energy being who has lived many lives!

To remember this at all times throughout your life is the challenge of each lifetime. For if you can hold onto this clarity of self as an energetic being, living a life in order to learn to evolve, then your opportunities for advancement will be presented with greater clarity and your issues needing resolution will appear with greater clarity as well, leading you to the means of integration of human self with spirit self.

I suggest that there are many ways of seeking integration of self, but without fully accepting the self as an energy being, who is on a journey of evolution, all of your seeking will have little consequence. All of your seeking, without clarity of what you are truly attempting to achieve in that lifetime, will get you nowhere.

I do not mean to imply that the work you do as a human being will not advance you, for in each lifetime, as I have said, you do advance. But I do contend that without clearly understanding why you are advancing, and what you are advancing to, your journey will remain a mystery and life upon that earth will be repeated. Clarity of the self as an energetic evolving being must be achieved. It must be clearly stated and remembered in order for a truthful journey of awareness to become an evolutionary journey.

I intend to challenge you all with my messages to seek not only clarity of the self, but also greater clarity of life around you. Do not close your eyes to what is happening around you, nor shut your self off in some temple, or church, or remote self-serving place of withdrawal, for then you do not challenge the self to fully live the life you now have upon you. Understand that the times you choose to live in are as much your own challenge as any one else’s. Become clear on why you are there upon that earth at this time. Find your way to trusting the reason you have elected to live the life you live and, with that trust in the self as an evolving being, find the truths of the self for now that will lead you to your deeper meaning and purpose.

Why are you there? What must you learn? What must you give to others to help them grow and evolve? What must you remember, and what must you never forget, about the self? What deeper secret will lead you to clarity of the self?

It is necessary for each one of you to provide the self with the intention of maintaining clarity of the two main points I stress today:

1. you are a human being living upon that earth for a reason, and
2. you are an energy being who desires evolutionary growth.

Maintain your clarity of the self, and the world around you, though the outer energy may seek to override your good intentions and test your ability to remember that clarity is key. I ask you once again: Who are you?

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