#545 Attainment is Achievable

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for your readers today?

Align now with the conviction of your heart and your knowing self, facing your challenges, and forging ahead. For only in conviction and attachment to the greater good of the heart’s desire will fulfillment be attained. I do not anticipate failure for anyone if your goals are true heart-centered goals, if your path is viable, if your truth is continually spoken innerly and outerly, if your guidance is pure, and if your means do not conflict with your heart’s greater intent to evolve.

This is a time now of brightness to come. A gleaning of life ahead will be glimpsed and the path revealed if the focus remains heart-centered and pure. I cannot stress enough that truth of heart is your greatest guide and this you know, even though you may not yet have dared to listen to it. Abide by your inner desires to live in purity of this heart-centered self, with alignment of purpose, living fully from this place of truth.

Attainment is achievable; it is in full view. Do you not see it? Continue to urge the ego self to listen more closely to what is truly being spoken. Your quiet heart speaks most loudly and clearly when you need its sound advice most urgently. Listen to your heart, remain upon your path, keep to your strong inner convictions of growth, truth, and prosperity of real evolution of spirit. That is your charge!