#544 Stay Connected: Heart to Path

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for your readers today?

Remain quietly cognizant of the inner self at all times. Even though storms may rage and disruptions arise, it is the stable, heart-centered path that must remain in your awareness. Though the veils will undoubtedly fall before your eyes again, do not lose sight of the connection between your softly speaking truthful heart and the path beneath your feet.

It is time now to fully understand the path you have chosen. By your heart’s yearning for change and recognition, and by the signs placed before you, pointing out a new direction, so have you begun a new journey based on resonance and acceptance of the self as ultimate guide. Though your decisions may still be tenuous, and your path but slowly being revealed, so is your heart urging you to continue in this new direction of resonance and knowing.

If resonance is not felt, if the path beneath your feet does not feel right, does not receive your every step, then stop and sit a while until the mist clears and you can clearly see where you are. If your path of chosen resonance is a mistaken one, based on preconceived notions and unclear messages, there is no fault in stepping off it to find a new path. For in the end, the only path that will be right must be the one of complete resonance.

By this I mean that your heart, your feet, and your guides, signs, and supports, must all align in a clarity that resonates. Such a path is still going to be challenging. In order to truly be able to accept the journey that your heart points out so clearly, and in order for true evolution, you must recognize the challenges as inner challenges, to be dealt with by you alone.

Why are you now on this path? What are your challenges? They may be old or even ancient, archaic, challenges, or they may be new advancing ones. They may be newly acquired or simply newly shone, as if a bright light has finally picked them out for you because this is the right time to confront them.

Does your ego intrude too much as you seek your way? Describe your ego to your self so that you may clearly understand how it operates to both propel you and offer you challenges, great and small. Does your ego push you now upon this path that is so right, or does it inhibit your every step? Are you still battling ego over spirit desire?

This is why I ask, today, that quiet communing with the inner self is necessary, in order to more fully understand what is going on in your life as you continue your journey. Each day are you offered challenges and each day must you make a decision about how to address those challenges. Abide by the truths of your spirit in making your decisions, for only in asking your heart-centered self for truth and guidance will your resonance pick up the correct choices and decisions to make.

Sit in quiet time, contemplating the self, and ask for a fuller understanding of who you are. Ask for clarity so that you may connect your puzzle pieces and gain understanding of how and why your journey is as it is. Do not push aside the thoughts that arise. Write them down. Accept the fact that you must, each one of you, no matter how enlightened, face challenges to your ego, your spirit, and your outer world and all that it encompasses.

Inner contemplation leads to outer clarity. Inner contemplation leads to inner clarity. Inner contemplation leads to clarity of vision, for this moment in time, and, however brief it may last, so does it offer you a glimpse of the true nature of self in the universe.

Do not forget that you are an evolving energy being. No matter how stuck you may feel, how uncertain of your path, whether new or old, how unworthy you may perceive your good fortune, or how challenging your perceived misfortunes, please learn to trust that the journey you are on is truly significant, for it is leading you to understand the self.

The self is body, spirit, thought, consciousness, awareness, and knowing energy. The self is all things. The challenge is to remove the blockages that keep you from this awareness of self as all things, all energy, all awareness. Once you gain a glimpse of the self as all things you begin to understand the insignificance of the self as ego, as matter, as brain and body. For what matters is the energy of self as part of that wholeness of all things, as light, as part of the interconnectedness of all things.

Continue your inner work. Find your spiritual path in that life and you will begin to more fully understand the whys and hows of who you are and the meaning of that life. Stay connected: heart to path!