#543 By Your Example

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for your many readers today, as we begin a new week?

Continue on your forward journeys opting for change, for progress, and for true growth. Though I ask that you choose growth, so do I also know that there are many deep feelings and emotions that must be confronted even as you so seamlessly choose to flow with the energies of life that wish for change. It is not easy to move along when others in your life choose quite the opposite, when others choose to stay put or split off in another direction without you. Change may produce joy and freedom at your deepest resonance, yet may it also produce sadness and even regret.

How do you move on when such feelings arise? How do you leave behind the people and the situations that you have long been tied to? How do you aid others as you move on, asking them to be present for themselves now? How do you free your energy so that it may be more fully available?

Progress and change are energetic opportunities, My Dear, as much as they are physical or practical opportunities. To choose to move forward because it is the only right thing for you to do is an energetic option that will allow for further growth in life and spirit. If energy is blocked or slowed then there will be difficulties. Yet, as blockages are removed and allowed to flow in the river of life, offered new life as you release them, so does all life have an opportunity to evolve and flow.

I speak today of being able to continue your progress without re-burdening your self. I speak of continually shedding attachments to the old ways of doing things so that all who know you will understand that you are doing things differently now. I speak of each one of you opting to flow with the energy that is available; more freed each day as you lovingly, from your heart-center, release your attachments, knowing full well that there is energy enough available for all in your care and your life, if they choose to engage it.

There is always energy available to aid and favor those who choose change that is right. In choosing to further engage in life in a manner that is energetically resonant, you are choosing to truly engage in life and all that it offers. By doing so, you become a grand example for others who struggle to release in the same manner; for all wish, underneath it all, to truly grow.

Many simply do not know how to allow themselves such a daring move. They do not, for fear of ridicule or disappointment, know how to take even the first step toward growth. Show them, by your example, how to do this.

By your example you show that life is full of eagerness for change and for adventure. By your example you offer others the opportunity to dare themselves. By your loving detachment you remove your negative thoughts and regrets from others so that they may be free enough to do what you are so hungry to do. Appetites for energetic life, once whetted, are hard to satiate. By your example you show that it is truly acceptable to eat of the fruits of true energy and true potential. By your example you free your own energy to more fully engage in nurturing new energy, even as you offer others a fine example of living a life in flux, the greatest desire of all beings upon that earth.

All beings desire to flow with life. By your own brave example you offer an opening in the seemingly dense pathway, an opening in the trees of life, through which one must forge a means and a way, looking always for the path of resonance. By your example you show the means, the energetic means, to truly forge a daring path of truth, beauty, and endless spiritual resonance.

Do not stop. Keep going. By your example do you learn what it means to be a guide, a mentor, and a spiritual companion to those who watch, who wait, and who desire to do the same.