#540 Opt For Progress

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Opt for progress, allowing shift to happen naturally, as it will, but notice also all the signs pointing to change and the alignment of issues, which have long been prepared and given attention. All is in place now. The final push must come from within. This is the moment of decision and choice to move forward, in a new direction, though the consequences of such a move may present you with more than a few new issues to tackle. But, I must say, this is how progress happens, and this is how fear is overcome, by pushing forward despite the fact that there will be consequences and challenges.

All change carries with it the energy of disruption, and within such energy are the true momentum and the true reason for pushing forward. Frustration and discord will continue to build until you make your move. These are the signs of your own discontent rumbling beneath the surface, urging you to go forth with your plans and with your daring new engagements in life. To allow such energy to guide you now will refuel your inner determination and your latent energy of desire for change. In merging with such energy of change you will find that you will not lack for the means to continue as you make your choices and decisions.

Whether you are now faced with a small choice, a small step, that will open many new doors or a large step that may throw you immediately into a new life, so must you dare the self to trust that each step will be the right one. Once you have pushed through your discord your way must be free of regrets and sadness, as you fully acknowledge that there is no other path for you to take.

Today is a day of choice making, with plenty of energy building beneath and behind to accompany you forward as you determine your future. This energy is present so that change upon that earth may move things in a new direction, for all concerned.

Are you ready?