#541 Accept Your Appointment With the Flow of Life

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today?

Continue your conscious and concerted efforts to change. Allow shift to happen, accepting your appointment with a destiny that is not forecast as of yet, but unfolds as you allow your self to trust that your life is ready and waiting for you to experience it.

Do not seek to pull toward you new reasons for inhibiting your growth or for delaying the process of change. Seek to remain flowing and open to the energy that is available to aid you, at all times, though the pull to attach to new devices of purpose and reason may be great. This energy of now asks for your complete trust. It asks for your complete attention to how it is presented, to what it truly offers, and to the flow of its direction. With detachment from purposeful control and conceit you will find that a natural life will open before you, a life full of adventure, a life full of spiritual experience, and a life full of joy.

This energetic time of now is preparing you to accept the fact that you do not, in fact, have much control at all. You may think you do, but you may realize, if you allow your self to be so bold, that your issues of control merely sink you deeper into the mud of regret and discontent. How do you remove your steady and willing feet from that sucking pull of false safety?

You begin by daring the self to trust the energy to take you to a new level of awareness and to a new awareness of the energy that is all around you. Dare the self to trust the energy, to open the heart and the doors that house the fears that hold you back, and say: Take me where I need to go.

I accept the energy of good and of growth.

I accept my appointment with the flow of life, unhindered by my fears and the worries that have wrapped me in a cloak of despair and kept me mired in a life of unconsciousness.

I desire new life. I open myself to new life, new energy and flowing openness.

I trust my journey. Let my journey truly begin.

With this opening prayer may you remain open to the experiences that are ready and waiting to swiftly carry you forth. May you attain your true openness. May you leave your fears and worries behind in the mud of regret and decay. May you find your own energy of heart and desire for spiritual connection to be all you need, as you reach out into the energy that connects all things.

May you allow the self a new beauty now, steeped not in the things of that world, but in the life and experiences of all the other worlds you have been rejecting, for there is much more available than you will ever be able to fathom in that lifetime. You are in the beginning stages of accepting the truths of the energy of the soul. Now it is time to trust that this energy is yours, that it does not just belong to a select or talented few. It belongs to everyone.

This is my mission: to teach you all to connect with the greater energy through first trusting and utilizing your own. Free your self a little more each day. Meditate not on the problems of that world, but shift to meditating on connecting with the greater energy. In so doing will you gain a new perspective on the problems of that world. Their significance will diminish and your role will become clearer as you detach from the muddy earth and enter the higher realms of understanding. You are all fully capable. You just have to dare the self to step outside of that reality and trust the adventure of the experiences of the self as an energetic being, who is fully capable of discovering other realities far more enticing than the one you reside in.

This energy continues to offer opportunities for shift and connection. Do not be afraid to dare the self to believe that everything is possible. Do not push away the experiences you are having, whether in dreaming or in waking life. Do not dismiss the feelings of energy that you may physically experience. Accept a new reality, the self as energy, and go exploring, and then don’t stop.

Anchor your self in your life upon that earth, but allow that to change with you as you make the leap to trust the energy of the self and the energy of growth and connection. Pretty soon you will discover a more flowing life over all; one where you more easily shift back and forth, unafraid of change, and unafraid of experiences of energy and exploration into the unknown.

Once you begin to explore the unknown it will become the known, the familiar, and this will lead to new doors opening so that you may continue to enter the next unknown territory. Continue your process of self-study. Your inner work and outer work are crucial to this adventuring process, for only in resolving the issues of the self, in fully knowing the self, will you be free enough to allow the self to take these daring steps into the adventures of the energy, into the great brilliant unknown.

Have fun! There is nothing to fear. You will only be meeting the energy of the self and learning what it means to become whole and one with all things, all energy, all that is endlessly alive.