#539 Learn to Read the Energy of the Universe

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today?

Allow the energy to guide you, but do not simply acquiesce to its flow. Use it to release you from your old patterns and habits. Become aware of its power and its presence, but do not give up your own abilities to read the energy and utilize it for where you are now in your life.

I do not suggest that you ever give up your own conscious decision-making, but always remain grounded in who you are, where you are, and what you have before you. However, I do stress learning to read the energy of the universe and understanding the interconnectedness of all things, so that you may base your decisions on the knowledge that energy truly is available to be utilized, finding that it may actually help in your decision making process.

I suggest keeping an open mind about how energy can be useful. Maintain awareness of the interconnectedness of all things so that your decisions do not appear to be made in a vacuum. Be aware that they are, in fact, greatly affected by outer energy and impacting on outer energy. You are not alone in your struggles, My Dears. Consider the fact that every choice you make has a whole host of ripple effects. How can you say that you feel alone and are burdened with the woes of the world on your shoulders, if every step, action, and choice you make impacts the entire world around you?

Perhaps the idea of interconnectedness may further aid you if you realize that every choice and decision you make will flow outward and forward into the currents of energy and, if you let them go, they will continue flowing, carried forth by the energy, shifting, changing, and merging, always in flux. Do you see what I mean by this image? Every choice you make, once made, is already released, at the moment of decision, and immediately impacts, but also immediately changes. Upon release from your furrowed and wondering brow, each decision is set free, sent on its journey into the energy.

As your actions, your utterances, your decisions to change are sent outward from your mental and physical body, your personal energy flows with them and thus begins to engage the outer energy, begins the process of interconnecting with all other energy, and begins its own journey. Once you make a decision to do, or to change, or to act upon something that is necessary and meaningful, you have, in essence, released a part of the self into the interconnected web of all energy, allowing for change to further happen. As long as you hold back, hold on, or refuse to change, your own energy will have to bear the tension of your reluctance to access the greater interconnected energy, and you may suffer for a long time in great discomfort, whether physical, mental, or emotional, until you allow the self to finally let go, in a conscious decision to allow the energy of the self to join the greater energy outside of you.

In releasing into the interconnectedness of all energy, by simply setting an intent, by asking for guidance, by making a decision, by allowing the self to let go of some long-held belief, or by trusting that the energy is available, you open the door to not only joining the interconnected energy, which allows for the natural flow of change to happen, but you also open the self to receiving much energy in return.

To constantly release into the interconnected web of all energy is a very trusting proposition, and I know it is difficult to let go of control and attendance to the personal world you inhabit. And although I do not advise a giving-in kind of letting go, as I said, (although that may also be necessary at times, which I will address another time) I do advise an intelligent and thoughtful allowing of beginning to test the energy of interconnectedness in small increments.

Allow the self to see what happens today, as you release some aspect of the self that is creating tension or conflict into the universe. Release it with the intent of allowing it to go with the flow, keeping the door of release open now, rather than simply closing it up again. In keeping that tiny door open, you may receive the energy that has been waiting for you for a long time.

Do not be afraid, My Dear Ones. Your energy is waiting to more fully join its partner energy in the greater universe, from whence it came, and to which it will, one day, fully release again.