#538 Chuck’s Place: Self-Love

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From the perspective of quantum physics, Einstein gave us the gift of interconnectedness: at the deepest level everything is an interconnected sea of energy. Our interpretation of energy in this universe has constructed a world of discrete, separate objects, a feat of sheer magic from the shamans point of view, but, in reality, our world is but a uniform interpretation of energy, only one of endless possibilities.

The by-product of this interpretation of separateness is the ego: a discrete entity, self-contained, alone, disconnected, ever-seeking to discover its value, its purpose, and how it fits in. The other by-product and enforcer of separateness is judgment: constantly seeking differences to distinguish self from other. The alienated ego, burdened with its judgments, is severely challenged in any real attempt to find value and love for itself. The shamans suggest suspending judgment as a resolution to this dilemma. From this place of non-judgment everything about ourselves is accepted, everything is equal, everything has its place in an interconnected, interdependent field of energy. Every weakness, every strength, every feeling, every mood, every need, every attitude is equal, all part of the whole. All is accepted, all is loved.

Turning our awareness outside the self, Christ suggested loving our neighbor as our self. Here we suspend all judgments as we turn our attention beyond the self. Christ opens the path to self-love by turning our attention to the world through accepting all, loving all. Both the shamans and Christ open the pathway back to the field of energetic interconnectedness through the practice of love without boundaries.

Self love carried to its natural conclusion requires love and acceptance of everything. Following this path we find our way home to our true energetic reality, one field of interconnected, interdependent wholeness. The ego disappears as we retain our awareness with universal love. Of course, awareness does allow for choice. Loving acceptance should not be mistaken for impotent acquiescence to evil, even though evil needs to be lovingly accepted. Evolutionary advancement requires that we align ourselves with right action, though we must continue to lovingly accept ourselves in all our wrong actions. Our current evolutionary path is truth. This is achieved through constant self-love.

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