#537 A True Wanderer

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Why not allow the truth of yourselves as energy beings to reign more often? Why not acquiesce to your spirit selves more thoroughly? Why not accept the path of spirit that lies before you with its golden stones and wide doorways ready to receive you?

I ask all of you, My Faithful Readers, to consider yourselves as spiritual guides and progenitors of goodness. Accept your appointment with the spiritual self today. Sit a long while with your knowing and good self, who wishes only to guide you and show you the way to live your own life, so that you may be available as a guide for others.

To accept this spiritual self more fully you must desire change, but also enact change in your life. For how will you be able to fully accept and experience the spiritual true self if you are burdened with the fears and woes of the current self?

I speak today of allowing the present self to more fully trust that the journey you are on is the perfect one for you. Question the knowing inner self as to why you must once again live this life and play out the repetition of issues? Your next question must be: What am I missing that I have not understood? Then ask the spirit self to guide you to clarity so that your next step on your journey may be an unburdening one.

With truth comes greater connection to spirit so that trust may further reign, becoming a worthy partner as you travel, replacing the fear that now accompanies most of you through life. Do not be afraid, My Dear Ones, to trust your spirit self whose only desire is to have you more fully aware of your powers as a true wanderer in that world.

A true wanderer allows the universe, the interconnectedness of all things, to be a guiding force. A true wanderer acknowledges that a journey on that earth is meant as an evolutionary step. A true wanderer allows for moments of inner silence in order to access the energy that is surrounding, guiding, and showing the way forward. A true wanderer trusts the journey, sheds the cloak of fear, and proceeds forward with a knowing heart, ready for anything, but fully aware of the powers within to meet the energy of change that awaits at every step.

A true wanderer gets up every day eager for new adventures and new experiences. With such eagerness comes reciprocal resonant eagerness of spirit and with such desire for spirit comes the true work of the true wanderer as a teacher and guide to others upon that earth, so that true evolution may become the last step taken upon that earth, when the time comes.

A true wanderer sheds not only his fear as he goes on his daily adventure, but he also sheds his ego, his self-importance, and his attachment to the so-called needs of that world. A true wanderer will find that his spirit will be enough to carry him forth, offering enough, feeding and tending enough, and finding enough to more than survive. A true wanderer, when fully connected to spirit self, will discover an endless journey of service to others, full of loving compassion, without needing anything in return, for his giving, his guiding, and his teaching, will offer everything he needs. A true wanderer is love, energy, and truth in action.

I leave you today with your own process, My Dear Ones, offering you this small guidance in an effort to aid you as your journey unfolds, asking you to trust the self as a true wanderer who knows that there is safety only in energy, that there is truth only in energy, and that there is evolution only in energy. Energy encompasses all things. Keep that in mind! Everything is energy.