#536 A Moment of Significance

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance do you have for us today?

Do not compromise your integrity or your adherence to a spiritual path and a spiritual discipline no matter what comes to thwart you. Do not lose sight of the gifts that abound and the efforts made on your behalf by those of us who guide you. For the combination of your spiritual desires and our efforts is a mighty pairing.

I do not mean to imply in this missive that you do not need to work hard at staying upon your path, for even though you may be guided, it is your job to stay awake and alert to how you are being guided, when it is necessary and appropriate to ask for assistance, and when it is more appropriate for you to tackle the issues of life alone, based on what you have learned about the self and others. Our efforts on your behalf are always focused on helping you achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness, an awareness of the self as an energetic being connected to all things.

Today, I suggest that you take some time to contemplate the position you are in; taking note of how significant this moment in your life is, as are all moments. However, most moments are glossed over while you go about your busy lives. This time upon that earth is a time of great significance, conflict, and disturbance, that you may feel both innerly and outerly. You may not quite understand why you are being presented with the dilemmas that have become apparent to you, but, if you take a moment to go into quiet meditation, clarity may emerge from the fog that now swirls up from your feet. As calmness comes upon you, allow the fog of confusion and disturbance to dissipate, and know that each moment of disharmony and discord is alerting you to a significant aspect of the self that needs attention.

Why am I feeling this way? This question may lead you deeper into self-conflict and self-disturbance. Do not be afraid to confront your deepest issues. They may be related to the issues of the child self, who is alerting you to the fact that tenderness lies at the core of your inner self, a wound that has, as of yet, not been attended to. Issues of the child self are often at the root of conflict.

Be kind to the self as you explore the inner child self. Use your adult abilities, your loving, compassionate, spiritual adult self to tend to the lost and innocent child within who seeks attention. Find what you need for this child self within this adult self. Do not turn the child out into the world looking for compensation or attention, for that is not where it belongs. It belongs inside you, where wholeness awaits, as you bear the tension of it, and allow it to tell you its worries, its woes and fears, and its dreams.

The child self must be attended to in a most gracious, a most contemplative, and a most appreciative manner, for this is the root of who you are, the person you set out to be, and the person you must reconnect with in order to recapture your innocence. Once you reconnect with your innocent child self, and reconcile the confusion that persists, you will achieve not only a steadier balance but your access to the wonder of connection to those of us who guide will be accessible, and then the mighty pairing that I speak of will become a reality.

Trust your inner work. It is really all you need to do in order to ride these difficult times, these distracting moments of insecurity and unsureness. Stay upon your path toward spiritual understanding of the self as connected to all things. It is the only way to go!