#535 Practice Concerned Detachment

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

In order to consolidate a few things that I have been speaking about and set you on your forward path, I advise a concerted effort be made to detach from the unusual and difficult lives of others, even though they may wrap you up in their plans. The journey through life is indeed a solitary one and although aid must be given and received so are the consequences of life meant to be borne in deep reflection.

Often deep reflection will only come when all else no longer works to propel one forward, especially in the days of youth and folly. Do not judge or allow for your energy to be drained by engaging in negative thinking or determinations. In order to remain in a positive frame of mind, without energy drains, the practice of concerned detachment must come into play.

Concerned detachment allows for removal of judgment, removal of compromised energy, and removal of responsibility for choices made by others. In order to remain in compassionate concerned detachment there must be an anchoring in the knowing self, a firm planting of the needs of the self that are appropriate and necessary in order for your path to be focused and steady. It is not wrong to stay focused on the spiritual and everyday needs of the self, and this is what many of you must more fully take into consideration as you begin this busy week of energetic flare-ups and attention grabbing desires.

Anchor the self as this energy seeks to subsume all other energy. There will be calls for attention, yet are they but unwarranted calls by those who must push forward now, taking full responsibility for decisions and choices that have nothing to do with you. I advise a stand be taken, rules laid out, so that your busy week may be one of steady calm truth and focus.

Practice concerned detachment by continually anchoring in the deeper self, acknowledging the interruptions that life offers as further reminders to turn inward and settle your fears and worries. Life does not wish to wait to unfold. It will bring its desires forth for all who reside upon that earth.

Anchor in heart-centered certainty that you are on a journey of spirit; a journey that needs you firmly present, fully aware, yet also available to guide others in your path by your examples of calmness, detachment from worry, and by your concerted efforts to be understanding, compassionate, and guiding.

This energy of now requires firm anchoring or you will be torn from your moorings and caught in the storms that rage in your vicinity. In order to be aware, yet not get caught in their fury, go into inner knowing and stay grounded by your love and compassion for all beings, firmly rooted in these qualities for the self as well. Give to the self and you will do well as this energy makes attempts on your kindness, your compassion, your attention, and your energetic availability.

By remaining in concerned detachment you will notice that the storms will remain on the distant horizon, seen, yet of no greater concern for the time being, except as a sign that it is time to be aware.