#532 Slow Down

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Anticipate conflict and you will receive conflict. Anticipate smooth flowing certainty and you will meet such energy waiting at each step. Anticipate that life will offer you what you need, but also that life is prepared to promote your success and progress, and you will be available to take your journey as a flowing energy being.

The time now is one of barriers, but I urge you all to consider the barriers you meet outside of you as inner barriers. Why are you meeting such barriers in your path? Most likely they are present to slow you down, asking you to look inwardly, perhaps more deeply than you like, at something you have yet to truly confront.

You may wish for seamlessly flowing life, without barriers and without conflict, and although it is energetically possible to greet such conflict and barriers in a flowing manner, accepting them as necessary, it is impossible to remove them, for they are your necessary means of growth.

I suggest that an energetically flowing life is one that is aware that challenges will arise, that walls will appear, that difficulties will resurface, over and over again, leading to the inner work that will allow for further growth. Although I suggest that your own attitude is important in what you draw to you, I do not mean this in the sense of living a life without challenge, for that is impossible. A life without challenge would be rather boring. What I am suggesting today is that you may draw to you unnecessary challenges and unnecessary energy that is not really of your concern, and this is what you must continually be aware of.

How you elect to use your energy places you in a position, each day, to meet and greet energetic conflict and attachment, resulting in choices that must be made. How do you wish to use your energy each day? How do you wish to receive the energy outside of you? How do you wish to be affected by what you meet outside of you? You do have a choice in decisions of attachment, engagement, and outer play. Yet, do you also have a choice in how you utilize the outside energy for your inner work.

For instance, if you are greatly disturbed by the choices and decisions made by someone close to you, your first decision is to decide how you are going to allow this other person’s activities to affect you on a very practical level. Are you going to become wrapped up in something that is better left to the other? Discern whose challenge it is. Are you better off allowing the other to take full responsibility? If you elect to step back and look at your own energy, your own outer work and inner work, and assess the level of involvement that you are willing to engage in, you may achieve a sense of detachment that will allow for a good decision that will further allow you to better utilize your own energy for all concerned.

Choices in using your energy must be made each day. How do you choose to use your energy? Where do you choose to spend it and with whom is it important to spend it? Are you benefiting the self and the other by your choices? Are you fully engaging your inner process in your decisions and choices? This is perhaps the most important factor to consider as you present your self with the question of how to use your energy each day. Am I doing my inner work if I elect to make this decision? Am I neglecting my inner work and draining my energy if I make this decision? How best can I serve myself while at the same time be available for others who may, indeed, need my attention?

I suggest the greatest first step is to slow down! Speed has become analogous with oblivion in your world; with so much rushing around in your new world of convenience and availability your ability to slow down has become relegated to a special pastime when, in fact, it should be a daily practice. Slow down your inner process, your energy, your thoughts, your ideas, your must-dos, and just sit in quiet meditation by breathing into your heart center. Find your personal comfort in a natural breathing pattern, slowing down your inner world while closing your eyes for a few minutes, effectively blocking out your outer world. Make a commitment to slowing down by beginning to actively do so.

You will find that your energy, if calmed down, will become more available. Your mind will be clearer. Your decisions will appear as less overwhelming and your challenges as easier to handle. Slow down and discover that, indeed, your conflicts will not loom over you in quite the same way and your barriers will not stump you.

Slow down and discover that you can, indeed, flow more easily, and in so doing you will draw to you a resonant calm energy. Change begins within the self. Turn your inner speedometer down to a slower pace and discover that the people outside of you are no longer as threatening, as argumentative, as difficult, or as challenging. Turn down your inner gauge and discover that your incessantly gnawing thoughts dissipate, no longer so loud. Slow down and discover that your awareness of your energy will lead you to flow better through life, even as it will allow you to go deeper inside as you ask your self to confront your self on a deeper level.

See what happens as you take this vital and engagingly energetic step and SLOW DOWN!