#533 When Truth Speaks

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

I find that the next step in gaining further awareness in your world, and in your lives, is learning to pay attention more keenly, more trustingly, and more directly, without reservation, to your heart-centered self. Your guidance in that world will be assured if you can continually connect with and remain trusting of this aspect of self that so rightly is available for guidance.

Your absolute trust in self must now be further established, My Dear Ones, as you continue your journeys and find your paths. Your true light of reason and of trust comes from within, but when I say this I do not mean within your thinking mind, but within your heart, which connects you not only to your self, but to all else as well.

Through the development of your heart-centered knowing self, you will find that your truths will be revealed. All of your truths lie buried inside you and these truths extend beyond your physical body, for they are truths of all knowing, of all time, and of all things. Connection to your heart-centered inner self is the next step in opening the door further to true trust in your journey.

I advise, as usual, heart-centered breathing to calm you into a slow pace of life and a meditative state. From this place of calm, I next advise that attention be given to nothing more than feeling your heart-centered calm and allowing whatever feeling comes to be present. Ask it to show you something that you have not known or understood about the self. Ask your heart to guide you in better understanding something that is of utmost importance for you to learn, at this moment.

Cultivate moments of calm as you visit your heart center, keeping your focus on feelings alone, in order to get to know the deeper self. Do not be afraid of your feelings, My Dears. They are leading you each day, though you may pretend they are buried or asleep, or put aside while your ego self takes on the world, but, in actuality, your feelings do control you in one manner or another. Now, I ask that you pay attention to how they present you with what you need to know about the self. Pay attention as they speak the truth to you, asking you to follow through on truthful decisions and choices as a result of allowing them to be heard. You cannot avoid truthful feelings. They will continually arise to push you in the direction you need to go in. Will you pay attention to them this time? That is always your challenge.

When truth speaks it is offering an opportunity to change. It may be a small change or shift being proposed, or it may be a life changing major step. But do not dismiss what comes from your heart when it speaks so truthfully that you are shaken to your core in recognition of its knowing and awareness. As truth is encountered, ask for a sign in what to do next as you bravely and trustingly determine that this time you must stand with heart-centered truth as your traveling companion.

I do not mean to imply that you should make impetuous or unreasonable changes in your life, or take harmful actions, but I do suggest that far too often the knowing heart is dismissed from the process of life as too weak an advisor when, in fact, it is the only true advisor.

As you slow down and go into inner contemplation, silencing your busy mind, find the doorway to your heart as it opens and invites you in to learn something new about the self. That is what your true journey is, learning constantly about the true nature of the self. For only in knowing the self will you be available for all else that wishes to guide you. This is a moment of trust, and that is what you are now being asked to cultivate, trust in the truth of the self, trust in the heart-centered self, in the journeying spirit self.

Good Luck! This is a time of inner contemplation and growth, but it does take slowing down, as I have advised, in order to make this deeper connection not only with the self, but with all things.