#531 Be Contained: A Mantra

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Note the self with detachment now, stepping back to allow for clarity and truth to become known. Have you not learned something about the self over the last few weeks and months? Have you not gained clarity and absolute certainty about some aspect of the self that is leading you along your path? Have you not received some clarification that is necessary, though it may also be challenging?

I encourage you all, My Dear Readers, to continue accepting your challenges, for they will lead you to your truths if you accept them as ready guidance, necessary teachers, and signs toward progress in life. Your challenges, as uncomfortable as they may be, are teaching you what it means to embrace your truths, trust your journey, and read the signs in your life.

This time now, though an energetic lull may appear to offer respite, is not a time to fall back into complacency. Instead, it is a time to more fully study and contemplate what is happening in your life. It is a time to accept the direction you are headed in and to solidify your steps along the path you are on. I do not foresee that your progress will slow or stagnate if you remain innerly connected. However, if you fall into ignorance of your own energetic powers you may resort to an old place of inertia and this may cause some concern for your progress.

It is time to consciously stay connected to your newfound insights, talents, decisions, and determinations that have set you upon a changing path. Do not lose your connection to all that you have learned about the self simply because you are not being pushed so heavily from outside you.

This is the time to decide that nothing is more important than continued progress in the direction you are most resonant with. It is the time of constantly remembering your energetic intent, your newfound abilities, and your need to be a spiritual seeker.

Today, as you begin again to look at your feet upon your path, a most necessary inner mantra is a grounding one, asking for the energy of the earth at your feet to keep you connected to your path while the energy above your head remains clear and entity free. But these energies will only be available now if you ask for them, for during this time of lull the energy will lie in wait, ready for your asking, but not necessarily pressuring you, as it has over the past few weeks. So, you see, this little mantra may be just what you need for the next few days in order to stay grounded, yet open; balanced and aware; and energetically connected, yet peacefully open to the truth of the self.

Be Contained: A Mantra

I ask the energy at my feet to flood me with clarity of purpose.

I ask the energy above me to fill me with truth of self.

I ask the energy of my own path to fill me with insights as I continue along this path.

I am guided.

I am safe.

I journey with awareness and truth in my thoughts, and energy in my body.

I trust my journey now and forever.

Good luck, My Dear Ones. Though the energy may appear quite calm and even dissipating, it remains fully alive, always rejuvenating, and that is what you must allow your own energy to do now as well; rejuvenate, but remain fully aware of all that you have recently learned about the self. Stay upon your path of right choice. The energy will pick up again soon, to show you what comes next.