#525 Death is Your Most Desirable Teacher & Traveling Companion

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Although I don’t wish to be morbid or focus too much on death, it is interesting that the subject has come up a lot this week. Do you have any final words to impart regarding this transformational energy that seems to, indeed, be quite noticeably present this week?

In energetic terms, I do not regard death as morbid at all, but only as transformational. Death also occurs in small ways, as one travels the path of life, whether it be one of awareness or not. Small transitions of change present one with the lessons that death teaches us all in its great final push of urgency to go for the ultimate transition into pure energy. At that time we are asked to accept the truth of our evolutionary potential and to remain aware of the possibilities ahead.

Look now upon your experiences of death as small awakenings. As with all awakenings the impact will only be truly transitional if you maintain awareness of your experiences and of the progress you have made. These small lessons are good preparation for remembering to hold onto such awareness rather than fall back into the veils of oblivion. If you fall back into the veils you will lose the awareness, forgetting that you have already awoken many times. The slumber of complacency in ordinary life is a deeper sleep than death, for it means many lifetimes in the veils must be spent. Death is the opportunity for new life.

I ask that you hold onto your awareness of death, the companion who walks beside you, a silent enigma, a teacher showing you its transitional potential, pointing out the beauty of its energy. Ask your self now to be aware of the light ahead. Direct your attention, now focused on fear and loss, to the evolutionary potential of the journey that every one of you must one day take. Do not be afraid to begin your preparations for death even as you do the work of awakening the self to the beauty of life. Each day as you do your spiritual work, your awareness training, you are preparing for your death. Though you may feel that you are seeking life and its full potential, so are you training your awareness for this ultimate moment, the test of your awareness to hold on during this time of such consequence.

Understand that the vigor you gain access to during this time of spiritual awakening is the energy you will encounter tenfold (at least) as you transition into your energy body. But will you remember that this is so? Will you understand that you are at the great moment of change, not in a negative place by a very positive one? Each day, as you access your energy and take it back for your own usage, you are experiencing death and the energy gained by leaving your body, incrementally speaking. If you can hold onto the awareness that death is energy, perhaps you will be able to travel forward now, keeping awareness of death as your most desirable companion, rather than the one to be most feared.

Does this help you to accept death as part of your journey? Death is exposure to your full potential. This transitional energy is a gift placed on the altar of life, now, giving offerings of energy and awareness. If you are looking for the greater meaning of your life, look to your death, for that is where you will find it.

Today, My Dear Ones, you may be struck by the sudden impact of death upon your reality in that world, upon that earth, but offer your selves the far greater impact being offered as death knocks on the windows and doors of your earthly form in some manner each day and asks to be let in. It is not offering demise, but it is offering you access to your true energy without having to leave that world.

This is what your awareness training is asking you to acknowledge and accept: that death means gaining full access to your energy, full access to awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, full access to universal knowledge, full access to God-light, God-love, and the ultimate awareness of self as part of this light and love, only fulfilled in energy awareness.

Contemplate your own moment of death. Though it remains far distant, so is it truly evolutionary to prepare for it each day, stealing a little of its energy for usage now. Why wait to gain access to that energy when you can have access to it so easily now, for your greater growth? Simply being aware of death as energy potential sets the intent to remain aware. This is what I ask of you, My Dear Traveling Companions: remain aware of your energy as your spirit continually awakens to its true potential. Do not be afraid to ask for it now, not death but the energy of it. Learn to trust what it shows you as your awareness grows. Allow it to guide you further in your life, remaining open to whatever may lie ahead. Be open to receiving not only energy, but the insights offered. Pay attention to the attachments you are being challenged to relinquish, turning always toward the light. Do not lose sight of the light.

Even in the darkest of times the light shines brightly, beckoning you to notice it shining through the veils, warming you with the energy of true love and compassion. Remain aware.