#524 Death: The Great Transformational Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Although the energy of late has been quite flowing and useful I sense an underlying darkness; that death is present as a sudden, abrupt energy, not negative in its darkness, but definitely shifting and jolting. Can you talk about this intuition of the energy? Is this a correct analysis of it?

You must remember, My Dear One, that death is always present. It is always an underlying energy, yet is it also a transformational energy and this is what you are sensing. Although it may jolt and abruptly disrupt the complacency of life, its mission is to serve in an evolutionary capacity.

I know I do not need to remind you that death is ever-present, waiting for the moment of delivery, when the time is right, when the time for your particular transformation arrives. Each one of you must keep in mind, at all times, that death is the ultimate journey and is not to be feared or abhorred. It is to be used now as a learning tool.

If you are to truly embrace your evolutionary journey you must also embrace the moment of your death as your catalyst and your awakening to new life. Life exists beyond the world as you see it and live it. Life exists in energetic form. You will continue on, whether in a reincarnated physical form or in energetic form. You will reside in energetic awareness of the greater self. This is what death offers: awareness of the greater self, the complete self, yet also the self as non-individual, as part of the greater whole, able to continue to experience life though its form may be unusual and sounding, perhaps, far-fetched at this moment, while you are so vibrantly alive and struggling to piece together the meaning of your present existence.

The energy that you sense now, the underlying darkness, is but a reminder to stay anchored in awareness. Do not attach to the dark energy, simply note it; remain aware of it; prepare for its inevitable entry into life in some manner, for it will intrude. But keep in mind that death is the balancer of life. It is the negative of the positive of birth. But do not view it as negative per se. See it as new life and, no matter how quick and abruptly jolting it may be, so must you learn to accept the rightness of it, for death does not come knocking and snatching unless it is the right time. If you can turn and look at it as a most necessary teacher and guide so will you find that your awareness of life itself will shift and change as well.

All life is preparation for the entry through the door that death will one day open and guide you through. Death, the great transformational energy, will show you the direction to take toward the light, ushering you, the aware one, into the light of love. This moment, when you stand before that door, will be your transformational time, the moment of awareness that you now train so hard to develop.

I ask that during this time of awareness of death’s presence, that you offer your selves, My Dear Ones, a seat in the classroom of this energy. Accept your well-placed desk and chair and sit upon your seat with eagerness to learn where this energy is guiding you now, even while you are full of life, for it is constantly guiding you to learn the ways of energetic reality.

This is your true purpose: to learn the meaning of your own energy, to build upon your awareness of energy, and to grasp the true meaning of your evolutionary journey. Do not be afraid to confront this teacher who is knocking at your door asking you to come into the classroom to learn about not death but new life, energy, and how all things are interconnected, necessary, and growth-oriented.

Do not run and hide from your detection of this energy. Your awareness is good. You are being tested as to your latent fears of your own underlying darkness, as yet still unknown. For all of you, no matter how much work you do on the self will continue to have more excavating work to do. Your lives have been long and varied, your experiences many, and your true future is in continual recapitulation and discovery of the self as an energetic entity, much like the illusive death, the energetic entity that is present each day, asking you to be aware that transformation is a certainty. The question it poses is: What will you do at the moment of your own transformation? Will you run and hide from it, full of old fears and projections? Or will you see through those burdens, so unnecessary, to the light ahead? Will you keep your awareness?

I suggest it is a good idea to enter the classroom that is being presented now during this time of energetic flow and shift. The door to this teacher’s room is always open. Haven’t you noticed?