#523 Find the Door of Silence Within

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Today, a Reader asks a question.

Hi Jan/Jeanne,
I want to write this without over-thinking or worrying but am afraid I’ll be shot down. I want to know about the big picture and the answers to the “whys” and “hows” of our existence. I know that I probably don’t currently have the right mind or frame of reference to comprehend the answers I am seeking and I know I need to look within. I am in a process of making peace with my newfound (or againfound?) awareness that I am energy and that I will continue differently. I am definitely on a path and am awakening. I just need more of a framework for the purpose of it all. Why do I want to evolve, why should I practice being in my energy body?

If energy is neither created nor destroyed how do we exist? If we are everything and God is everything why do we need to learn anything at all, and why can’t we just remain as one awake consciousness? It’s hard to feel, if all we are doing is awakening to what we are and returning to where we came from, that this is all meaningful. And yet, I know it is. Would you tell me about the way things are in terms I might be able to sort of understand? I know when I am confused or suffering it is because of misunderstanding and I need to accept what I don’t know, but you say we should know everything, so I am asking…

Thank you (both).

My Dearest One, you question your very existence and that is exquisite, yet do I hear your frustration, your eagerness, and your desire to hurry up the process of learning the meaning of your life. This is not a process to push forward, but a process to sit back and slowly contemplate. I see by your questions that you may feel you have missed something and you must hurry to catch up, but this is not so.

You awaken when you are ready to awaken no matter what you have been taught or know. None of it will matter in the least until you are ready to accept it. I will address, first, your question of life’s meaning. Why indeed must you exist upon that earth if you already contain all knowledge, if you are energy, and if you are simply returning to awareness of such?

You are energy. You do contain all knowledge. Your awakening, however, is in order to discover this. You will not evolve, you will not complete your lifetimes upon the earth if you do not gain access to what this truly means for you alone. Each one of you, each being upon that earth, has the potential to fully experience life as an energy being, but how many people actually do? Awakening is not, in fact, gaining access to the big picture, as you suggest. Awakening is being able to move far beyond the big picture. The big picture is as much a construct of man’s as the buildings, the roadways, the cities and communities he designs and lays out.

I must say, My Dear, that to have a firm picture of life and its meaning near at hand would be quite limiting and uninviting. The true meaning of life, of existence, is learning to allow the self to truly be aware that there are no limits to the possibilities and the potential of each one of you.

Life is unending. Energy is unlimited in its potential to evolve. The process of evolution is one of awakening to your personal potential, at this time, in this life. The meaning of this life will be revealed as you allow your self to slow down, to temper your pursuit of all things, and to truly discover what it means to be energy. Your own energy is unique to you, and your access to all knowledge will be gained as you learn how to use your own energy.

In order to truly access your own energy, you must learn to trust that everything is possible and that your own process must be discovered, uniquely your own. No other person will have exactly the same process as you will have. No other life will unfold as your life will unfold. No one else will have your experiences, and no one else will learn the lessons that you will learn. Your life is uniquely yours and this is what you must take into your consciousness, into your intelligent questing for meaning. Begin with the true facts of the self. You are unique.

You are comprised of energy, but have you discovered what it feels like to be you in this form, as an energy being? It is time for you to allow your self to accept your self as an energy being, unlike any other, unlike any description or explanation you have heard or read about. It is time to have a true experience of the self as energy so that you may truly own the self as such.

This process does not belong to the bigger picture. Learning to be energy is being able to totally detach from the world as you perceive it, as you have been taught, as you have thought it to be, and to enter a new state of being. But first you must allow the self to accept the experience. You must allow the self to refuse everything you have ever been taught in order to truly be open to the experience.

Many people have experiences of energy, but they refuse to accept them. Many people prefer to put them into a known context, giving them an explanation that will placate their fears of oblivion. In truth, an experience of energy, though it may feel like death itself, is as familiar as your own body, for it is where you come from and where you go as you reincarnate. Your time of awakening is reminding you of this familiar and known aspect of self, and the jolt of fear is the moment of shift when one reality disappears and another appears.

Your existence upon that earth will not become clear, no matter what I say, until you allow your self to truly experience the self as energy. If you can, without attaching to the known familiar world, have an energy experience, in full waking consciousness, you will begin to understand that most of your questions are both meaningless and the most meaningful questions one could ask. Once you allow your self to experience your true uniqueness, as an energy being, you will find that the answers to your questions will become readily available, but you will also discover that there are many more questions that you do not even know yet.

Your awareness is burgeoning now. I see that you are eager and ready to jump into a new life, yet are you preferring to have it fully laid out and explained to you ahead of time, but I am afraid that this is impossible for me to do. You must take the first step alone, My Dear One, as we all must, and learn what it means to be the energy that you truly are.

Why do you want to evolve? I ask the same question of you. I think the answer is because life, as it now presents itself to you, does not offer enough. Life, as you live it, is not exciting enough and it does not fulfill your eager spirit self. Only by allowing the self to accept the uniqueness of the self, in energy, in experience, and in full potential, will you begin to understand what a fulfilling and meaningful life is.

To find your energy: begin to slowly allow your mind to quiet its busy chatter, its questioning pursuits, and find the door of silence within that will lead you directly to the experience of the energy body. Find it, however briefly, a little each day. Go without question or desire. Go simply for the experience. You do not need anything in order to do this; just the self, the calm self, the quiet body and quiet mind self, the inner self, unafraid, asking simply for a glimpse of the energy self.

I may not have answered your many questions because I feel that my answers will not suffice until you allow your self to get to a quiet place of inner calm and experience the self suspended in nothingness, until you see for your self that there is nothing to fear. Once you overcome your fear of nothingness you will be able to move beyond the world that is so neatly constructed around you and into a world of energy, where everything is possible, where everything is meaningful, and where everything is known. And then you will see that there is no way you will want to stay there either, because you will understand that there is so much more beyond that. As you allow your self to have experiences of energy and journey into the unknown, you will discover that there is always a new unknown to discover. To get to the place of evolution is to get to this awareness. There is always a new world to explore, just beyond the one you are in right now.

Good Luck with your explorations into the unknown self. The first door is already slightly ajar. Are you going to shed the old clothes that have been your protection from the unknown and go into it fully unclothed, as pure naked energy? This is what your awakening is asking of you and this is the first question to ask the self: Am I ready? Do I dare let go of everything in order to have a true experience of myself as pure energy?