#520 Be a Wise Warrior

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance do you have for us today? Teach us something.

As you make your way in that life, accepting your challenges, conflicts, confrontations, and also your moments of joy and happiness, progress and growth, remain attached to the inner self. This is what I teach you always: to remain aware of the inner self, no matter what appears to aid you in your outer world.

Your outer world is your playing field, offering you everything you need in its environment of assembled purpose and promise. However, your outer world will have little meaning if you do not keep it connected to your inner world. Without attention and attachment to your inner world, your outer world becomes but a drab and lonely place, full of sadness and despair, soon tiresome, heavy, and unyielding.

Without inner connection and outer balance, your worlds will dissolve as worlds of growth and appear as worlds of hardship and duty. Without inner connection, your light will extinguish. This may happen quite quickly, or it may take a long time to realize. Without light your existence will become but a mere automatic situation, your energy on robotic mode, set to continue until drained, without recharging.

Your energy, upon contemplation of its demise in such a manner, will react in tiredness, in exhaustion, in reluctance, and in negligent behavior, dissipating to a mere struggle to go about your day. Without renewal of inner energy your outer life will dwindle to boredom and mundanity. This is certain. Though you may constantly find outer attention, stimulation, and places of interest and intrigue, your inner energy self, seeking to evolve, will remain in deep slumber, a mere hint of untapped potential.

I speak so often of maintaining balance of inner and outer self, for only in truly accepting your place and your journey in that world, while simultaneously asking your inner spirit self to wake up and take on the challenges being presented, will you evolve in your awareness and in your potential to move beyond that realm. Your goal must always be to:

1. maintain awareness;

2. gain access to your fount of inner energy;

3. learn to know it fully; to recognize it; to accept it;

4. and understand how it is available for your personal journey, as you learn to trust and follow the signs in your outer world.

Many of you seek guidance outside of you, and this is good. Until you find that which truly resonates within, you must explore. Exploration is excellent, but it must not become your sole purpose in life. Eventually, you must recognize and accept what your inner self is saying to you. You must stop and rest a while, taking a look at all that you have accumulated and attached to, deciding to simplify, and utilize only that which is most meaningful and has aided you most certainly. Your explorations do not stop at this point, but you will discover that the inner you will now lead you on your explorations in your outer world, showing you where to go next and pointing out what is meaningfully present in your life. To reach this point of trust is essential, and it is also pivotal.

Once you reach this point of being open and aware of your inner self, of its sure and sensible voice, then your journey will turn and take a new direction. New instructions for life and how to face its difficulties will be presented from a new perspective. Your inner spirit self will be available to guide you and aid you as you journey more fully, in balance together, as a team.

Your outer world is your game board; your inner world is your point of command, of decision making, of recognition, and your greatest advisor. I ask that you take a moment, My Dear Readers, to construct the story of your life, even if only a brief sketch of it, as a most necessary journey. Do not wallow in the sorrow of it, but observe the wonder of it. Ask your outer self, your ego self, to accept the challenges of your journey, as a warrior accepts the challenges of battle, going forth as an impeccable partner. Ask your mature inner self to come forth as a wise one, fully aware of your past as a most necessary life story, so that your two selves could meet at this point of recognition and alignment, as a wise warrior.

Your life story belongs to you alone, My Dears, though you meet and greet many people along the way. Your dependence upon others is necessary, yet are you constantly being presented with choices and decisions that only you can make. Only you can truly take your journey. Many elect to slumber through many lifetimes, riding along on the energy of others, never fully taking their own journey, though many attempts to jolt them awake are made.

I ask you today: Are you being jolted awake? Are you being shown, in your outer world, that the only thing you need now is a greater connection with your inner world? Are you balancing these two worlds, these two selves, the warrior and the wise one? Are you ready to teach the self, by allowing for trust in your journey to flourish and guide you?

My questions are many. As teacher and guide I do not give you all the answers, but I pose new questions so that you, My Dear Ones, may awaken to the wise warrior within, who is waiting to guide and teach you how to live, how to love, how to navigate your own life, based on your unique and exquisite story, and on your fullest potential.

Your path ahead is always golden, if you allow your self to trust such an idea, if you allow your inner energy to glow more strongly, and if you maintain energetic balance between your wise inner self and your ego warrior self, in companionable coexistence. Live a life based on the potential to evolve to wholeness, seeking completion of the cycles of reincarnation, so that you may discover what lies beyond.