#519 This is a Carrying Forth Time

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Now is a time of detachment and retreat into the inner self, a time to pull back and assess the energy of the self, now that shift and change have indeed occurred. The time of turmoil, unrelenting aggravation, and testing, now lapses into a time of calm retreat.

I suggest that balance of self become a force and a source of direction and attention over the next few days, so that any changes and any decisions made over the past few weeks may be solemnly solidified, contemplated, and securely owned, as individual and necessary moves on your part.

This is also a time of simplification, best expressed in detaching from objects (material and otherwise) and from attention to the busyness of the world outside of you, and allowing the self to accept the facts of grief and sadness that surely attend to change. With change is there apt to follow a period of happiness and buoyancy, but this may soon be followed by the old friends and foes, of fear and complacency, in habit and condition. If these old attendants come forth to serve your needs, I suggest that you dismiss them immediately, without regret, bidding them farewell, acknowledging their long servitude, but simply saying, no thanks!

Move on now into the new world that lies at your feet. Look around at all that you have freed yourself from and admire the open road ahead with little debris and conflict on the horizon. The next trick to overcome is to avoid becoming trapped by the false idea that you need to replace, refill, or return to a similar life of busyness, clutter, and outward focus. This is not the next step. It is not necessary to pull toward you compensating goods or relationships, treasures or comforts, but it is a time to experience the joy of simplicity and pureness of inner calm, detached, in a new solitude that is energetically beneficial, but also healing.

In the long run, your focus must remain on this ultimate goal of healing the self, through simplification of outer life, stillness, and awareness of inner life, with appreciation for the inner knowing self to speak its words of wisdom to you as you make your way. In detachment will you find your calm inner self, the one who knows and recognizes the correct path. Only in allowing this knowing self to become your next partner and traveling companion will you find your way to the healing path ahead.

Do not focus on what you have lost, what you have turned your back on, or asked to depart, but focus now on finding the best methods of healing the self, so that inner balanced calm may remain your energetic focus. With healing will come clarity so that, eventually, you will emerge from the fog, parting the misty veils, so that you may emerge from the consequences of your decisions and discover that they were, oh, so right. Your healing will come on struggling wings, but eventually will they lift and carry you forward into new life.

Do not be afraid or fearful of leaving something or someone behind, or doubt your self during this time, for this is a carrying forth time. This is the final push forward into new life, soon upon you. Your clarity of self recently gained must be your anchor, and your desire to evolve and experience the magic of life must be your wings. Your energy must affix itself to continued simplification, inner balance and calm, and optimistic peering into the future, for soon the sun will rise and the horizon will clear, the calm of the new day will greet you with its clarity and its rightness of decision. Your healing powers lie within, based on the decisions made in your outer life. This is how you must continue to weigh your decisions and challenges, based on the correct balance of inner hope and outer desire, simplifying your life to its essence, and living in calm and steady healing peace.

It’s not that hard to do. Once you make the decision to move forward, the greatest challenge is to not look back in regret, sorrow, or doubt. Everything lies before you, full of light, love, and fullness of life. Everything behind you is already known, done, and fulfilled. Turn forward now. Look back only for clarity, to punctuate your decisions made, and to acknowledge that your challenges have been well-met, and your journey fully understood as a necessary path toward enlightenment.

Your recapitulation, if done with a sense of wonder and compassion for the self and others you have encountered on your journey, will become your healing path and, eventually, your looking back will not draw you so strongly, but be viewed as the truthful and meaningful path it was always intended to be.

Take your pride at your accomplishments and put it to sleep now. Allow your calmness to guide you through the frustration, anger, and tendencies that will arise and ask for your attention, for that is their job. Invite your newfound balance to hold you steady and your healing intent to lead you to your place of light, which is lying just beyond the next door. Keep going, My Dear Ones; you are all doing well!