#521 An Anchoring Prayer of Openness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Chuck and I have been talking about a very noticeable shift that has taken place over the past week or two. You have, specifically, been mentioning this possibility lately in your messages, and Chuck addressed it in his blog last Saturday in his article regarding Shifting the Assemblage Point. Many people have been reporting to us this week that they are having noticeable experiences of shift, of finally connecting with their inner voice, of channeling other energies, of noticing themselves as energy, of seeing the world differently, and of observing other worlds; in essence, experiencing a shift in their assemblage point. Can you offer us some means of anchoring in this new place, this new slot of the assemblage point, as Chuck calls it, so that the connections forged remain firmly present, perhaps a mantra or a prayer?

My Dear Jan and Chuck, and My Dear Readers, this is indeed an anchoring time and my messages have been offering you the means of navigating through this time of shift so that you may attain this new sense of self in the world and, in awareness, maintain this awakening self. So, yes, an anchoring mantra or prayer is certainly appropriate, but first I would like to add that, although many people have forged their way through this time by trusting their intuition, there are many others who struggle, and I do not wish to by-pass their continuation of awakening.

The awakening process is constant, so do not feel bad if your own process is still in struggle mode, still unclear, or still powerfully present in your life in some other manner. No matter where you are in your life, in your recapitulation, in your attempts to jolt or shift your self, your process is unique. It is necessarily your very own process and it will unfold according to your specific needs, lessons, desires, and proffered method of accepting your journey. In essence, your time of clarity and shift will come when the time is right for you to experience it and when the world around you is ready to offer it to you, and accept if from you as well. You will know when you are ready because you will notice that something in your perception of your world will be different. You may be faced with doubt, a slight inclination to wonder if you are making things up, or even a lack of trust, but in the end your worlds, your inner and outer worlds in cahoots, will keep you newly aware of just enough to tease you into trusting the magic of your spiritual growth and connection.

I ask that you remain open and trusting of spirit and this is the same message I offer to those of you who have experienced a shift. Continue to trust your observations, your inner voice, your sense of connection to higher realms but, mostly, trust your self. It is your innocence that is awakening and if you can hold onto your true innocence, your belief in this aspect of self as guiding, so may you more fully anchor your self in your new place of awareness.

Awareness must be cultivated and this means remaining open and inviting of experiences, without interference from the old voices that will attempt to dissuade you from your newfound trust. Trust in self is your anchoring place. This is the slot, as Chuck calls it, that you are becoming aware of now, if a definite shift has occurred in your life. The slot of self-innocence and awareness is deeply steeped in learning what it means to trust. Your anchor next becomes openness. That may sound quite the opposite of an anchor, but to ground the self in trust requires allowing the self to remain open. If you simply accept that you have shifted and lock into a new aspect of self-perception, what good will that do you if you do not remain open to what comes next? To shift is not synonymous with settling in to a new complacency. Shift requires acceptance, yet it also requires continued openness. It requires you to allow the innocent spirit self to remain vibrantly alive and present in your daily life. It requires a new ability to constantly shift and accept new ideas, new experiences, and new opportunities for furthering your budding awareness. All of this requires the ability to remain open to whatever comes to guide you on your awakening journey.

Today, I offer you, my shifting ones and my struggling ones, this prayer of openness to the energies of life and awareness, so that you may continually grow, anchoring in your truth and in your innocent awareness of the self as an energy being of good and of desire for further growth.

I remain open to my innocence.

I remain open to my own spirit.

I remain open to my abilities to see, hear, and travel in the realms of light and love.

I am an energy being who is learning the ways of true energy, to constantly shift and grow.

I remain open to receiving the lessons I need.

I remain open to receiving the guidance I desire.

I remain open to the love I deserve.

I remain open to giving as much as I receive, for I am an energy being of giving and receiving energy, energy that is positive, growth-oriented, and universally connected to all things.

I am an energy being charged with connecting my own disparate parts, reigning in my scattered desires to the one true desire of my spirit, which is my evolutionary growth.

I trust my innocence.

I trust my journey.

I trust my inner guidance.

I trust my self.

Remain open, My Dear Ones. Your journeys are just beginning. I love you all!