#517 Your Greatest Enemy is Your Old Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today? Your messages are greatly appreciated by many people around the world. Your guidance is sound and we continue to be so grateful for our connection with you.

Today, I wish to stress the implications of not listening to the inner guidance of the self, the quiet voice that also speaks its own sound advice, for all of you have this ability to connect to the greater guidance available.

Tune in first to your inner self and get to know who you are as a spiritual energy being. Begin to recognize the signs of your capitulation to old ways, old habits, and old patterns of behavior, and understand that such regression draws you further from your anchoring and truthful inner self. Such regression, although damaging, is not fateful, but, if further embedding is allowed, your retreat from its talons may be slowed or stopped in its tracks.

Your greatest enemy is your old self. Your greatest ally is your ancient self, newly emerging, as you take your journey into truth. Allow this emerging self, this spiritual self connected to all things, to be your guide. As you attain new awareness, your ability to maintain new heights of attention must be cultivated. Your ability to bring your self back to this achievement of enlightenment is your greatest battle as you progress.

Each step you take must be viscerally logged and remembered, retained for future reference, but also future recall at a moment’s notice. As you take your journey, your latest steps must be recounted, but all your past steps must not be forgotten, or you risk falling into the hands of the old self.

Although your eyes are on the future, do not lose sight of the lessons you have learned, and the daily insights you must attend to. In order to maintain awareness, a new training in awareness of your journey must be a constant reminder of your enlightenment and your actual progress. I do not wish to speak in riddles, but to clearly state that awareness is key to your continued juggling of life’s challenges and life’s guidance.

Do not forget where you have been. Do not lose sight of your goal. Do not lose the insights you have gained, nor the deeper connection to self as motivator, as instigator, as investigator, as proclaimer, as archeologist, creator, and guide to your history upon that earth. Your time now may be your evolutionary time, if you can maintain awareness of all that is meaningfully presented to you, continually holding onto the facts that are showing you why and what for you are granted such lessons and such promise.

Your time now is a growing time, but it is also, absolutely, an awakening time. You are being offered a link to inner awareness so long buried by the outer world’s promises and structures of glory. But, in truth, those outer contexts unseat your inner self from its grounding and force you to project outward that which already exists within. Your growth is attached to reconnecting the thin lines of dialogue and spurring new energy into the inner passageways to the true self.

So today, I ask that you be aware of how you are prompted to forget this inner self, how you are constantly snipping the lines of connection, and how you are offered the fog of oblivion to teach you what you need to know. The fogs and veils that confuse and hide your truths are present as teachers, so do not wish them away too quickly, but use them to hone your skills of clarity and intent. Use them to seek deeper, to turn further inward for your answers to life, rather than allow them to fog your insights and blur your vision of the true path at your feet.

Make practical decisions, take pragmatic steps, remain honest, giving, and compassionately loving in the outer world that gives you everything you need to be allowed to take your inner journey. Learn to trust that the outer world is as much your guide, your protector, your teacher, as your inner world and your inner connections are. You will find what you need in your outer world to point you in the right direction in your inner world. The two worlds are synchronized so that you may grow. They may appear to be in conflict, but I suggest that this is, in fact, not so, for they each seek only to teach you how to evolve.

I hope my guidance may continually aid you, My Dear Readers. If you ask your self to constantly maintain awareness of self as a journeyer upon a new path of magic and enlightenment, with awareness of each step of your travels through life as equally meaningful and full of guidance as the next, so may you always remain open to life’s glory and desire, as well as its true commitment to you as an individual seeking growth.