#516 Establish a Practice of Inner Centering

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Today, I suggest taking some time to center the self, with inner centering, heart-centering if you prefer. Do this often, for only in centering the self will you be prepared for the energy outside of you as it comes to shake you up, propel you along, or flow with you, as you make your way.

A practice of inner centering is good to establish no matter what the outer energy is doing. Inner centering is a basic and practical method of establishing calmness and balance, but it will also allow you to be more energetically conducive and appropriate in your life.

With inner centering you may notice that the energy outside of you is not so interesting or so disruptive. With inner centering you may notice that your old habits are not so greedy for your attention, and your big baby self may slumber more peacefully. With inner centering you may find that your mature adult self is much more interesting to have around because your awareness may peak and wish for greater exploration and continued presence in your life. With inner centering as a daily practice you may find that you learn what it means to be compassionately detached, compassionately loving, and compassionately present in your world. With inner centering your own presence upon that earth may be more acceptable to outer energy, more conducive to spiritual work, and more prepared for what may come.

Your presence upon that earth is your greatest certainty at this moment. You do exist upon that plane. How you choose to exist is up to you. Are you seeking solace and happiness, calmness and love, energetic flow and greater awareness? If you are at all interested in being an evolving energy being, I highly suggest that a practice of inner centering become your means of attaining not only momentary calm, but greater awareness of self, of others, of your environment, and of the greater world around you, both physically and energetically.

Sit calmly. You need not take any special actions, unless you prefer a stricter routine. Simply sitting alone, releasing your thoughts, and focusing on either your heart-center, or any other chakra center of the body, is certainly appropriate. Breathe gently and directly into the chakra area you choose to accept as your place of calm, or simply breathe softly and gently without focus, if you prefer. It does not really matter. What does matter is that you allow your self a calm respite as you begin to more fully accept your self for who you are now, without judgment, without worry, without sadness, or anger, or disturbance of any sort. Simply be. Suspend the self in momentary calm. Allow the self to be nothing more than energy riding your calm breathing; a gentle energetic being asking nothing, needing nothing, wanting nothing, for a few moments. In such reverie will you begin to awaken your own energy self. In such calmness will you begin to tap into resonant energy, and you will begin to find that this practice of inner centering will give you more energy, but it will also begin to shift your awareness of your outer world. The more you do it the more you will find that your presence upon that earth will become more defined, more meaningful, and your purpose clearer.

As you elect to more fully embrace the self as an energy being, your physical world, with its problems, aches and pains, worries and stresses, will not appear so overwhelming. Your channel to your own calm happiness and mature energetic self will open wider and remain open. Your big baby will slumber more often, and your relationships will blossom with new understanding.

In an ideal world, everyone would choose to do such inner calm centering before each meeting, each discussion, each decision, each confrontation, each choice; before each process undertaken, or step that must be made. If such practice became more common then you would, indeed, begin to see great change.

I wish you, My Dear Ones, calm inner centering. Give your self a gift today, a moment’s respite, but also a moment’s energy!