#515 Reread Your Books of Knowledge

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance today?

Do not be conciliatory or regretful of the steps taken in your life. Do not harbor hatred or fear of the self or others for decisions made. This is a time of forging ahead, clearly knowing that the path ahead is open and waiting for your presence upon its open road.

Your progress is certain, for you exist, but do not take for granted that you will evolve, for evolution takes work and awareness, taking into consideration the lessons learned. The lessons learned as you travel your path in that life must be utilized, stacking up as books of knowledge, read over and over again until they are ingrained in your visceral memory and brought forth in your everyday life.

Your evolution is not granted simply because you exist. In order to evolve, a conscious decision to be open to the possibilities offered in life must be adhered to, no matter what comes to shake you up or disturb your reverie.

This is a time of convergence. Many energies are now intermixing, producing confusion, at first, but patience will allow for truth to be revealed as the stars and planets realign in more practical design soon enough. This practical design will allow for greater focus. Your desire to evolve will reassert and your desire to change will become more clearly defined in both direction and method. This is the open path ahead that I speak of today.

A time of void, of unclarity, of foggy or cloudy thoughts and vision lies ahead. Through this time I suggest attention be paid to your books of knowledge, your lessons thus far learned, especially those of late, for they are the most pertinent reminders of your current progress and your current process.

I predict (I often do not like to be so bold as to use that word, but I will today!) that life will be just fine just beyond this time of void. Your plans for the future will be revealed as either correct decisions or faulty in some manner, allowing you to make new decisions as you see what presents itself next.

Take things a little slowly for the next few days. Walk in inner peace. Play at establishing calm practices of inner contemplation while you work at rereading your recent lessons learned. Work and play in steady balance will enable you to maneuver through this time of convergence and subsequent void until the mists of life’s energy clear and your way reveals itself again.

I offer this message today as incentive to remain in alignment with your hopes, your dreams, your purposes in life, for they will be revealed more clearly; it is just a matter of time.