#513 A Day of Conquest

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

This is a day of conquest, a day of capitulation to the truth as it is shown, revealed, and repeatedly stressed to you. Realization of the self as a human being, with many facets of needs and desires, is essential in order to continue your journey as an evolutionary being. Today is a day of acceptance of this human self who so desires your acknowledgment and your acquiescence. When I speak of conquest and capitulation, I speak of the inner self and the outer self in battle and yet also in agreement that it is time to proceed now on a journey of partnership, companionship, and balanced awareness, fully owning that each aspect of the self is necessary and essential.

You know who you are. You have been shown the truths of the self. Now it is time to allow those truths entry into the place of knowing that you guard so readily from intrusion. This place of inner knowing is not meant to be a separate place of purity or sanctity, but a place of raw and blatant truths. It is capable of accepting what is truth, ready to own that which is, in fact, truthfully necessary to own. This place of inner knowing will reject that which is not important or worthy of entry. It will refuse that which has been forced upon you by outer judges and condemners. Your place of inner knowing has been waiting for all truths of the self to flow in, unheeded, unimpeded, and unguarded by your self-restrictions and self-judgments. This is a day of self-conquest, a day to wrestle down your fears that block your truths and keep you in the land of unknowing where your progress is slow and your leap forward untaken.

By acquiescence to the bare and utter truths of the self your leap forward may now become your next step, and this, My Dears, is exactly what you want in your path. But I must warn you that it is a leap of faith that is being presented to you. In some manner, you are all being asked to move forward now, to leap into the unknown, to gather your wits, and go with nothing but your faith in the energy of life to carry you forward.

This is what a leap of faith means. It involves trust and acknowledgment of the greatest truths of the self, the lovely truths, but also the ugly truths. It involves the ability to trust that your journey is presenting you with exactly what you need, and it is being capable of allowing the self to let go of control of all that you have thought was so important in life. Now the energy of conquest and capitulation asks you to accept your truths, gather your wits, trust your journey, and leap forward into the unknown, fully aware that you are doing so, but also fully allowing your self to take such a leap because you know you are guided, aided, and shown what to do each step of your journey.

Trust your journey. It will show you where to go, but nothing will happen if you do not take the leap. No journey will materialize if you do not move out of your complacency. No energy of truth and trust will show you the way if you do not spur your self out of the doldrums and into the life you envision, desire, and want, in order to grow. Your perfect life awaits. What are you waiting for?

You are already on the journey you desire. You are living it every day. But in order to reach your dreams, you must wrestle your fears to the ground and realize that your dreams are at your command.