#512 A Day of Gratitude

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today? Thank you so much for all the guidance you regularly give us.

It is interesting that you send that thank you, for this is a day of gratitude. Synchronistically speaking, it is a time of ritual energy, of personal space, and of self-acceptance as an individual of purpose and intent. Personal intent must always involve the recognition of the desire to grow and evolve, and this is what I seek always to remind you of.

I suggest that you each, My Dear Readers, take a few moments to thank the self for taking the journey you embarked upon at your birth into that life. Offer the self a solemn yet tender moment of acceptance and recognition of the journey thus far taken, and place a new invigorated intent to continue to grow.

The energy of this day is quite appropriate for setting intent, for giving thanks, for self-acceptance, and for new offerings to be made that have personal significance. The energy of today is charged with possibility outside of you, but it also asks for inner self-reflection of a positive, nurturing sort.

I, Jeanne Marie Ketchel, ask that you each tend to the self today, as an evolving being, as an energy being, as a loving and compassionate being, offering the self the nurturance of acceptance and acquiescence to the journey you are on. I ask that you allow your self to flow with your life, from this moment on, with your awareness continually noting your way, marking the significance of your journey through the changing energy of time.

Regard your self as a journeyer today. Accept your self as an energy being. Reward your self with the intent to continue growing. Make a solemn vow, offer a prayer, or meditate upon your intent to allow your journey to show you where to go next, asking the self to be open, to flow more readily. For what awaits you as you step forward, never stopping upon your path of growth, is new energy, new insight, and new growth.

Your journey is waiting for you to take it. Please allow your self to see the possibilities that may come your way as you open your heart to your self today, offering your self the journey that lies at your feet and on your horizon. Open your eyes to the journey of the self!