#511 Ripple Effect

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us as we begin a new month, a new workweek, and a new day?

Do not despair over the difficulties, the idiosyncrasies, and the tests that life presents. Even in death is there new life, in endings are there beginnings, and each new day, and even each new moment, offers the opportunity for change and new perspectives to develop and lead you on your journey through that life.

Time is essentially of no consequence. The only things that matter are seeking the truth, staying upon a path of spirit, living and learning to live a compassionate life freed of attachments, judgments, blame, or regret. It is also important to be open to life’s changes, which are presented in order for you to learn self-love and love of all creatures and beings upon that earth. Each moment of each day are you also experiencing your self as an energy being and this is what I am going to stress today, for you pose a question, asking for guidance at a period of transition and change. This is a very significant time for those of you who are aware of your selves as beings of energy and spirit, separate from body and mass, yet attached to body and mass as well.

During your time upon that earth, and this time specifically, it is wise to constantly remind your self that you are comprised of energy. Perhaps your energy is unseen, but it is not unfelt. It is fully impacting your world. Every move you make causes a ripple effect. Your every step upon that earth impacts not only the soil, the floor, the sidewalk, the ground upon which you step, but it also reverberates beyond just your weight upon the ground. Your presence is noticed; it is not taken for granted, even though you may, at times, feel that you are insignificant, or even quite invisible.

The ripple effect of your own energy is as potentially harmful as an earthquake. It is as potentially powerful as a tornado. It is as potentially beautiful as a starlit night, and it is as potentially peaceful as a calm lake. Your personal energy has great effect, its ripple effect more pronounced and impacting than you can imagine.

Today, I ask you all to consider what you do to affect the energy of the world. I ask this as a practical and pragmatic question, requesting that you study your usage and spoilage upon that earth. How do you personally impact the environment that is your personal world? Distill your personal world down to your very home environment from the moment you step out of bed in the morning. Ask your self, what impact am I making as I enter the world today? Am I aware, sensitive, cognizant of my energy and what it is doing to the world around me? Am I aware of myself as an energy being? Am I aware that I am important today and every day? Am I aware of the ripple effect that each choice and decision I make has on everything connected to that choice?

Is my energy conducive to spiritual living? Is my energy trusting and open to the awareness of energy outside of me? Am I ready to promote and engage the energy in a positive way today? Am I remaining open to the signs and guidance I receive? Am I aware that I am as important, as significant, and as impacting, as the most famous and powerful person I can think of?

This is your awareness lesson today: to own and acknowledge your personal energy as powerful, necessary, decisive, loving, desirable, and desiring of evolutionary growth, yet equally ready and willing to understand its place and necessity upon that earth, in the nitty gritty experiences of every day life.

I send you into energy life today with this little prayer:

I am aware of myself.
I impact the world.
I am responsible for every action,
decision, and choice I make.
I am an energy being
ready to shift and accept life
at a moment’s notice,
no matter what the circumstances,
because I have impact.
And with that notice firmly planted
I am ready to accept my challenges
and lead myself into my day
energy bound, energy aware, and energy thoughtful.