#500 Three Issues of Growth: Past, Present & Future

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today? Your messages have been extremely helpful to many people. Many of your readers have been expressing their appreciation, so I pass that acknowledgment of our work on to you.

Be aware now that the tumble and turmoil of shift is smoothing out to a gentler flow. The waves, whether tidal, rough, or churning, have now broken upon the shore and the immediacy of their intensity has passed. Do not, however, resort to complacency or become lulled by the now less turbulent energy that surrounds you. For in a time of such transition the lessons encountered must be fully accepted and carried forth; your own energy must flow now with the force of the energy outside of you for the transition to complete its providence (its forecast).

Continue your training in awareness, cognizant of this time just passed. This is your challenge now, to not forget where you have been, to remain attached to your emotions and your thoughts regarding the self and others. In essence, to not forget your lessons, your revelations, and the advancements you have made.

As you return to calmer waters, to the gentler lulling of the waves crashing upon the shore, do not lose your awareness of past, present, and your openness to continued growth. The lulling calm may put you to sleep, but the splashing waves will attempt to keep you alert; the duality of the water metaphor is quite apt, if I do say so.

Today, I suggest that you take a new assessment of your position in life. Where are you now, at this moment in your life? Assess the damage done, accept the necessities and truths of it, take your mind off the troubles that have spun off into nothingness now, and focus on where to go with what you have in your life. This is now a time of rebuilding, of moving forward, having learned some valuable lessons, continually training your awareness to stay focused on the three issues of growth, the past, the present, and the future.

All three of these lesson times offer much guidance. Do not forget the past, but do not remain caught in it. Take its hard earned lessons, insights, and opportunities forward with you into the present. Do not get caught in the present either. Though you must live in the moment, keep your awareness turned to the fact that you are on a mission, a journey of growth.

Your present provides you with the necessary clues to your future, showing you the direction to take, the possibilities that are available, leading to your future. Your future is not far off. It overlaps each moment of your day. Your future is the next moment, and now, again, it is this moment. It comes as the waves upon the shore; suddenly it is here, and it is to be expected. These three promises of growth not only align, but merge upon the shore of your life, offering you their lessons, possibilities, and signs, laid right at your feet.

So sit upon the metaphorical shore a moment today. Put your feet and your hands into the sand. Feel the wetness of your tears of the past, your grainy moments of truth now revealed, and see the future as yet dry sand, untouched by the waves, yet so close it is but another moment and you will be immersed in its energy, as the next wave comes upon the shore, inching toward you at each energetic thrust.

This is your life. Where you sit, now, is your life. What are you going to do with where you are now, with what you have learned and discovered, and with what you are being asked to do now and shown that you should do next? Remain alert.