#501 A Body, Heart & Mind Exercise

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

This is inner turning time now. Even though you may be drawn outward, I suggest that a concerted effort be made to turn down the motors of your enthusiasm for life outside of you. Instead of seeking to progress at a more rapid pace, I suggest that you turn down the motors of your enthusiasm to a calm hum. Turn down your pushing desires to a quiet acceptance that it is now a time of inner conservation and reserve. Save your energy that so desires to burst forth for your inner healing work.

If you insist upon outer expression, your efforts will be in vain during this time of inner contemplation. Far better to accept this fact and use your energy wisely, for inner work. And what do I mean by inner work? As always, inner work is energy work on the self. But, during this particular time upon that earth, inner work is also the process of observing, understanding, and participating in energetic interconnectedness between the inner self, energetically and spiritually, and all else in your world.

It is a time of awareness and clarity; a good time to more fully release old ideas of the self and accept new possibilities, simply because there is no better option now. Do you wish to remain stuck, revolving in your old world, never quite able to turn off the motors of your mind, your habits, your behaviors? Or are you ready to turn off the old switches, remove the keys from the old vehicles you have traveled in, and look for a new mode of travel?

In terms of personal growth, in terms of spiritual growth, and in terms of healing, there are many new ideas, new opportunities, and new paths to take. New vehicles of transport await you. New means of achieving clarity and awareness await you too. But the key is to turn inward now and to look inside the self for the ultimate key to change and growth. It does not lie outside of you, but buried inside you in your inner abilities of self-knowing, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-truth, self-love, and self-daring.

As you begin your day today, do not forget to TAP your self into your body, bringing your attention back to your physical body self, your first vehicle that needs attention. As you pay attention to your physical self, draw your attention next to your heart center. Do HEART-CENTERED BREATHING to ground you in your inner self. Once calmly attached to your inner energy allow your thoughts to participate in your process, turning them into new thoughts by changing them from the initial idea that arises to a new positive one for the inner self.

If your first thought is: I am tired. Change it to: I am full of energy. If your next thought is: I am sad. Change it to: I am open to happiness. If you think: I am so angry at so and so. Change that thought to: I can release my anger and allow myself to take back my energy for myself. You see, there is always a way to change your thoughts.

As you do this body, heart, and mind exercise today, begin to notice what happens to your inner energy. Begin to notice that you will find your inner resources are definitely present and available to you for personal and spiritual growth, beginning with your own inner energy. As you begin this shift from outer distraction and old ideas of the self to inner contemplation and conservation, shifting to new ideas of the self, so will you begin to feel the energetic interconnectedness of the self to all things. You are interconnected on an energetic level. Removing your projections, your dependency on your usual habits, thoughts, and pre-programmed patterns of behavior, will allow you to use your inner energy for YOU. And that is what I suggest will enable growth, healing, and new life.

Why not give it a try? You never know where an inner shift may take you. It is not an outer change or shift that matters, but an inner decision to allow the inner self priority and fuller acceptance into your life. See where this idea takes you next. If you seek calm and balance in your life, I contend that you have the resources inside you, fully ready and waiting for your acknowledgment of them, your acceptance, and finally your full attention to the possibilities that await. Establish a new practice of paying homage to this inner self more often.