#499 Take Your Rightful Place as Monarch

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today, perhaps following up where you left off last week?

Now I intend to take you deeper into your own issues, My Dears, asking you to consider your issues and the signs you receive to guide you as so perfect for your growth. When you question, asking why, so do I request that you pause for a moment and instead of asking why, that you simply acknowledge your sign as one that is leading you along your path, showing you your deepest issues and the direction you must take in order to confront, head on, your deeply seeded lifetime issues. (The visual I received here was of a seed buried deeply in the ground, eager to emerge.)

Each of you carries, deeply embedded, a life lesson. Each of you must discover what this lesson is and where it is manifesting. You must accept the awareness of it, rather than your continual avoidance, and you must take steps to address it in a mature, spiritually oriented manner. A spiritual manner may be any number of processes, and that is totally up to you, but by addressing all problems as spiritual in nature, so may you find that you have many more tools at your disposal than if you categorize an issue as merely physical, emotional, or mental.

All problems and issues are spiritually related and that is what I wish to stress next in our evolutionary conversation. Each of you must learn to know and understand the self. How do you react to what you are being shown in your life? How do you react to the gifts presented to you? Do you protest, argue, and deny? Do you avoid, pretend, and bury your signs and gifts so that they must be dug up and presented over and over again? Do you run away, pursuing outer interests to the total elimination of inner self? Do you ask others to carry your worries and your burdens?

As you learn that your gifts are your stepping stones, so may you also simplify your life, offering your self the signs and presentations that are daily handed to you, not as difficulties, or as means of setback, but as obvious gifts. Your time upon the earth is a spiritually awakening journey. Your energy is asking for recognition and awareness of its fuller potential. Your life is prepared so that you may evolve. Your daily lives are a means of training your awareness as a warrior of the spirit.

Today, I urge and encourage you to make plans to sit a mature adult self upon your throne. Graciously accept the gifts that have been presented as only a fair and compassionate leader would, and allow that the mightiest gift is as full of potential for growth as the tiniest.

Look for the significance of each gift as relates to your spiritual self, who must sit firmly implanted in, and expressed by, that reigning mature monarch, who must now come forth to guide you, to teach you, and to protect you from the foibles of your old self.

It is a time of newness, but it is also a time of decision and action. Do not wait any longer for the reluctant self to emerge, but force the hand of resistance now, and take your rightful place as adult leader in your life. Your child self, your big baby self, your shy and scared selves, your fearful and denying selves, all desire this. They have waited long enough for the adult self to wake up, to reawaken, and to emerge more fully, once and for all. Whether this self has been present before or not, it is time to reestablish precedence, to take over the leadership role, to become the mature self who knows, who is aware, and who is fully connected to spirit within.

This is your next challenge as you continue to find that the gifts that are daily laid at your feet are both challenging and beautiful, intricate and simple, fruitful and confrontational, inner and outer gifts of growth. Today, My Dears, is a day of take-over, a day of solid vision and clarity. You do truly know what to do in your life in order to evolve. You know exactly what I am talking about. Your signs have been repeatedly presented. Your guidance has been direct and unwavering. Your spirit has been awakened to the truth.

Now make your ultimate decision to grow, to mature, and to guide the self from this throne of power, this throne of mature self-love, in spiritual companionship. This is what is truly needed, along with a firm determination and push toward better understanding that this is, indeed, the way to go. The spiritual way is the way, firmly guided by the mature leader who is waiting to take over the throne of goodness, of kindness, of compassion, of leadership, of awareness, and connection to truth of spirit and what that truly means to your individual life. I urge all of you to go for this bid for self power, this ultimate take over, this adult seizure of your direction, your process, your seat of guidance, for now is the right time.