#472 Call Forth Your Inner Voice

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us all today?

Remain steadily focused on your inner work, with compassion for the self, as you take your journey. Find your inner connection and the guidance that is available, following the guidelines laid out by your spirit self, who already knows the path you must take. This inner self provides and offers opportunity for growth at every turn, advancing you on your journey by each choice and each decision you make, showing you the options that may take you where you need to go.

In order to more fully connect with this knowing inner self must your inner work now become your main focus. Each morning, center your self upon your inner core, asking for guidance, and for your virtues of truth, clarity, and awareness to be present with you throughout your day. Your journey entails being open to what is presented, freeing your self of old judgments, as you encounter what is presented to you, so that you may learn to acquiesce to what is offered, rather than fight it.

If you continue to fight where life is pointing you, you will continue to stall in your perceptions and in your direction, your advancement will be thwarted, and your journey stagnated. In order to be open to the guidance being offered, a certain amount of blind trust is necessary. Only you can make this aspect of the journey available to your seeking spirit. You see, the outer self, the ego is the balancer, the opposition, so necessary, yet also so often the cause of much of the conflict, the problem, as the process of life unfolds. Often the ego self, the outer self, feels that it is so much brighter, so much more capable in the world, when actually the inner self is so much more able to guide you into a new world that the ego self refuses to admit is so readily available.

By noticing the ego self, as it takes each day as it comes, so are you being shown the blockages that the inner self is confronted with. This process of awareness of ego self in the world offers insight into the direction to be taken and the challenges to be met. Asking the inner self to now guide, asking it to refute the propositions of the ego self, and asking it to show you a different way, a new means of perception, a new direction, a new method of attack in the outer world, is what I propose. Taking control of your inner core self, allowing the inner guidelines to become clearer each day, as you allow the ego self to step aside, will allow the inner self to forge ahead, in spite of your doubts and your fears.

A new world, a new life, a new you, will only be achieved by constant work on allowing the inner self to voice its opinions, its clarity, and by listening to the truths that it speaks. The truths of the inner self lie in dreams, in spontaneous reactions, in underlying thoughts, beneath the normal patter so familiar to your mental process. As your thoughts appear today, your usual judgments, ideas, comments, push them aside and see what words lie beneath, spoken yet often unheard, for your ego voice has taken over, speaking so loudly its constant rant of discord and decay.

Ask your inner spirit voice to come forth today. Ask it to guide you throughout the energy of your day. Drop your old voice at every opportunity, pushing away your old familiar thoughts and judgments, and find out what your inner you has to say. You might be surprised to find that you have a hidden jewel inside you. Don’t you know that it is just waiting for you to sweep away the old debris, uncovering its clear voice, which offers something new? I guarantee that it is there, the other voice, the inner voice.

Reduce your need to look outside for guidance now, as you do your inner work. Uncover your own inner guide. It awaits you, the adventuresome spirit. Take some time to acquaint your self with this aspect of self, which is patiently waiting for your excavation of its crystal clear resonance. Its speech will be immediately familiar, its spoken truth undeniable, its identity recognizable, its guidance perfect.

Generate a new voice, a new inner voice, by allowing the quiet inner self to speak, by asking the ego voice to step aside and to depart from its leading role in your life. Now is the time for a new leader, the inner self is ready to take over.