#473 Focus on the Cup of Liquid Gold Inside You

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

In spite of much energetic turmoil, I am inclined to point you away from its turbulence, asking you to, instead, point your attention inward. Yes, the outer energy calls, it entices, and it invites participation. It also desires to be fed, to be acknowledged, and to be granted your sustenance. It would be a mistake to stretch your self outwardly during this time. It would be a disaster to allow the outer energy to grab onto you and ride along, a heavy cloak attached to your shoulders, an unnecessary burden that will only drag you down and keep you from your growth.

During this new time of energy release, this next ripple of energy now being made available to you, for growth, find your inner centered calmness, inviting a balance of inner self, in order to utilize the energy for your own process. I speak today of avoiding the outer energy, no matter how happily it approaches, no matter how enticing it may feel, for in the long run it is more disastrous than it at first appears.

Your awareness of the outer energy is your first cause for alarm. Note how it comes to you. Watch what happens in your outer world. Remain aware that whatever is knocking at your door, calling through your lock, or rapping at your windowpane, is not to be addressed. Disregard calls for your energy during this next time of shift. Ignore them, not with fear, derision, or judgment, but ignore them simply because they do not belong to you, they are not meant for you, and because they will only sideline you and even, perhaps, hold you captive in a place of sorrow and mishap.

All of you, My Dear Readers, are being challenged now to hold your energy cupped inside you. Treat it very carefully, as you would a bowl of liquid gold that must be held steady and balanced, for if you spill but one drop, so have you lost a great deal of your inner self. A single splash or simple imbalance will send you far from your inner focus, your place of necessity, and your place of power.

Your power lies in remaining focused on that cup of gold inside you. Place your intent there, keep your eyes there, keep your physical, mental, and emotional self focused on not upsetting this treasure as you go about your day. Nothing else matters, energy-wise, for the next few days.

Of course, I do not suggest neglect of your outer lives, but I do suggest that these next few days are extremely important days of contemplation, meditation, recapitulation, and deep inner work. I suggest that you groom your selves properly, eat properly, abide by the rules of evolutionary growth, and understand life according to the new guidelines, so ancient, yet so recently rediscovered, that you are an evolving being, with a personal duty to grow and nurture your self in your inner world and your outer world. Your inner spirit self, your energetic accompanist, is now your greatest ally, and your greatest guide.

Cup your bowl of golden liquid energy, keep it glowingly warm, and tend to it as you would a most precious gift, the gift of life, of energy, and of future energy. Inner work, inner calm, and inner balance must be your focus over the next few days. By keeping these in your focus and in your intent, your outer world will automatically be brought into better alignment with where you wish to be.

Good Luck, My Dear Ones. Be steady and calm, bringing your attention frequently back to the fact that you are carrying that cup of liquid gold, bringing awareness to the fact that you must not upset it, spill it, jiggle it, or waste it in any sloppy way. It is your energy, your inner gold, and you are responsible for it.

Guard it well and it will, in turn, reward you with balance, with calmness, and with clarity of direction, without interference from the outer energy because you will not grant the outer disturbance any credence, as you keep your inner cup of gold now in your focus.

NOTE: Once again, Jeanne mentions the rules of evolutionary growth, referring to her own reflections on what it means to evolve, contained in the sidebar to the left on this channeling page under Guidance. Her Rules, Steps, and other suggestions for living and evolving from a heart-centered perspective are outlined there. Good Luck!