#471 Keep Your Two Selves in Sync

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance as we begin a new week? What is happening with the outer energy now?

In calmness, continue your steady walk through life though the tail end of confusion and chaos may whip you in its whirlwind, as it fires past in a last blaze of energy. I do not mean to imply danger, just be aware that the outer energy will continue to ruffle a few feathers, rustling and stirring some aspects of life better left calm and untouched. There do occur such instances of energetic turmoil quite often. Sometimes you may be more acutely aware of them, as they may affect you personally or those around you, and other times may they appear to be nothing more than a small bump in the road, though to others may they appear as devastating winds of change.

I suggest, as always, a concentrated effort to center the self for the week ahead, staying in calmness, and adjusting the self to remaining steady upon your selected path, no matter what may appear to thwart your progress, to feed off your energy, or to find your weak points. It is not necessary to do more than set your self upon your feet each day, fully knowing that you are aware of the need to grow, to change, and to constantly remain connected to your inner core, your strong and knowing inner self.

Acknowledge your balanced, calm, seeking spirit self, as you prepare your body, your appearance, your clothing, and your mental state for your tasks ahead. Focus on your outer world preparation, but do not neglect your inner world preparations, for your inner self is equally present and necessary as you go about your day.

Even just a moment of calm breathing and meditation may be all you need as you say hello to your inner self, checking in every now and then to find out how things are going, or how things are feeling for your inner self. Ask your inner self to be present, to be aware, to help you relax, to remember that you are on this journey together. Ask your inner self how you are doing as you pay attention to stressors, or feelings of uncomfortability, for it is in these moments that your quiet self will speak most clearly to you.

It is a time of must energetic activity, though how you react to it, participate in it, use it, and learn from it are up to you. I suggest maintaining your balanced inner and outer work on the self, no matter what comes to greet you. Your inner self is as vital a player in the world as your outer self is, so keep this in mind as you go about your day.

Life awaits, growth awaits, your inner self awaits further notice and attention, even as your outer self is so eager to learn and evolve. Keep your two selves in sync today, and every day, as you walk your path.

Good Luck, as you stay in calmness, doing your heart-centered breathing, allowing the self to interpret the signs that come to you, from an inner perspective, for only in so doing will you truly discover what they mean as part of your evolving life. Retain your balance at all times. Speak only words of truth, or do not speak at all. Abide by the rules of evolutionary growth and ask, each day, for your journey to be well taken.

NOTE: In mentioning abiding by the rules of evolutionary growth, Jeanne appears to be referring to her own reflections on what it means to evolve, contained in the sidebar to the left on this channeling page under Guidance. Her Rules, Steps, and other suggestions for living and evolving from a heart-centered perspective are outlined there. -Jan