#469 Energy of Chaos

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have advice to offer us for the coming weekend, for all of your Readers?

Be pragmatic, steady, and slow in your actions, and in your decision making. Weigh your options, anticipate your responses, and test your hypotheses before making a move. It is a time for deep reflection and contemplation without harsh or quick reactions. Allow your selves plenty of time for inner work because you will need it as your outer world revolves around much disturbance, and perhaps even chaos.

Of course, chaotic events and emotions are relative, and although the energy surely entices and proposes chaos and disturbance, so is it up to each of you to present a balanced, stable, and pragmatic presence, no matter what the energy proposes.

I speak now of adult maturity as it pertains to the self. Keep the self fit, and in good action. Keep the self calm and in inner quiet, so that your thinking and feeling process may flow gently and naturally. Containment of emotions, in general, and of anger, specifically, is called for during times of stress or of conflict.

It is best to be solidly prepared for whatever may arise to test you this weekend. What comes may come from your inner world, your inner process, showing you where you need to go next, as you accept your challenges, work through your issues, and find your way through life’s turmoils and daring propositions. Or your energetic interactions may also take place outside of you, in your outer world, yet you can be sure that they reflect your deepest inner issues of self.

Do not jump to conclusions, either inner or outer conclusions, as the energy comes bidding your attention. Find your steady calmness and your clearly defined maturity, preserving your self-motivation and your forward direction, focusing innerly before expressing your self outwardly. This is now a time of self-preservation, even while it is a time of interaction outwardly, both sporadically and intensely.

Chaos does not always result in calamity. The energy of chaos is shaking up energy, it is focusing energy, and it is shaping and pointing out energy, that shows the proper direction for misguided and misdirected energy. Use the outer chaotic energy to focus your self now. Use it to bring balance, sobriety, and purpose to your present situation. Begin your days in calmness and balance, maintaining such inner calm throughout your day, no matter what the energy proposes to you.

Your days with such energy are numbered and it will quickly turn to another energetic force before long, but the trick is to hold onto your mature and balanced self, while it proposes something quite different to you. You see? The energy is coming to challenge you, to invite you to participate. It is how you decide to participate that matters.

Good Luck! As you feel this energy approaching, remind your self that it will recede and be gone before you know it, but maintaining your steady balance will enable you to interact with it in a beneficial and enlightening manner.