#468 Keep Moving Forward!

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Continually find your equilibrium, your balance, and although you may fall back into old habits or old interactions remain focused forward. Even as you may stop and chat along your path, so keep your step ready and waiting for the next forward move. In shifting always forward and away from that which seeks to bind you, may you find that your lessons in detachment become easier to accomplish and are more lightly maneuvered.

Your primary objective, at this moment in time, is to remain focused on fluidity of motion, ease of transition, and blanket and straightforward progress. In times of looking back, there is no need to look back for attachment in an old manner, for as you have moved onward and grown in your life, as you have allowed your self to evolve, so will you no longer find contentment in old places that once held you in their grasp. In looking back notice your distance, your new perspective, your wider outlook, and, most of all, notice your need and ability to continually move forward.

Keep moving forward, no matter what seeks to capture your attention and your energy. Do not hold fast to comments or criticisms of those who sit by the roadside, unmoving, yet full of judgment and sarcasm for those so full of spirit, lightly skipping past. Do not listen to what they say. Remind your self that as you also once sat alongside the road and made your own comments and judgments so did you also yearn to be moving forward. In your new delight at growth, and your ability to accept your challenge to move on, so find also your steady balance, your compassion for those who cannot find the strength to get up and make the journey, and your love for all who struggle, as well as all who lead.

In finding your equilibrium may you find your inner guide who does but ask you to hold steady to your potential, your purpose, and your direction. Look continually forward; even as you must also sometimes look backward for what you must learn, having once failed to notice what life was attempting to teach you. Now, however, look back not with sadness or pain, but with confidence, with attention to now, knowing that your life will not allow you to sit by the wayside again, for your spirit has awoken you to the fact that an unawakened life is a dire life indeed. Your challenges now are to remain focused on forward movement, inner calm balance, and learning healthy detachment, even while you proceed at your own pace, fulfilling your most promising dreams.

Life will not wait for those who decide to sit upon the rock-strewn shoulders of the roadway. Life but drapes a heavy cloak upon their backs and allows them to find what comforts they may. In contrast, life offers its bounty of change and of challenge, of energy and of delight, to those who plod always onward, whether with heavy tread or with light step. Life energy is a steady companion along such a path full of meaning, with gestures of encouragement for those who seek a path of change and of growth.

Remind your self often today that you are an evolving being, that every step forward is more meaningful than every turn to look back, that every path shows you where to go next, and that every step is meaningful. Do not harm or ostracize the self, or judge or inflict pain upon the self or others for the journey thus far taken. Each day offers a new opportunity, each moment asks you to notice its full potential, its possibilities to move you forward. Keep moving forward!