Welcome to a New Week!

Dear Readers,

Today I am posting two messages from Jeanne. The first one, Message #466 was channeled on Saturday in response to our desire for clarity on a point made in Jeanne’s message on Friday regarding the animus. Today’s regularly scheduled message follows up on relationship in a time of astrological retrograde, as a friend pointed out to us yesterday. I am struck by the synchronicity of our recent messages and such alignment. Anyway, I hope you enjoy both of these messages, and if you haven’t checked out the Friday message from Jeanne and Chuck’s Saturday blog essay, perhaps you’ll also enjoy reading them, on the subject of the animus.

We watched a very enjoyable movie over the weekend, Happy-go-lucky, by one of my favorite directors, Mike Leigh, from the UK. In light of the recent spate of animus issues we have been discussing, we thought we’d recommend it for the point of view it takes on several young women, living as roommates in London, with very little animus projection interfering in their lives. It’s humorous, full of projective examples, and will perhaps leave you with a nice happy-go-lucky feeling.

See you on Wednesday with another Message from Jeanne.