#466 A New I.D.

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Although posted today, Monday March 16, 2009, this message was channeled on Saturday March 14, 2009 in response to a request for clarification of Jeanne’s use of the term Id in her most recent Message #464 The Animus. We hope it will be helpful.

Dear Jeanne,
When I asked you to comment on the animus on Friday, which Chuck wrote about from a Jungian perspective in his Saturday blog, you threw a Freudian term into the message, the Id. During the channeling I remember pausing there, questioning your use of the term, but you were very definite about using it. When I looked it up later, wanting to understand it in the context of your message, Webster’s defines it as: one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives. So, I thought, that makes sense since you are suggesting that we wake up and bring our psychic energy into alignment with our evolving selves, but Chuck thought it a weird choice of terms. Were you slipping in a Freudian term as a joke?

My Dear Ones, yes, I did use the term Id as a joking stab at My Dear Jungian Chuck, but I also used it in a broader term, meaning a new I.D., for all to consider themselves as changing, as bringing together all of their parts now, all of their egos, seen and unseen, revealed and as yet unrevealed, in order to gain a greater sense of true self, true balance, and true ability. I suggest that until balance and alignment are achieved no true acceptance of the gifts given, innate and revealed, will be possible. Although I did expect My Dear Chuck to notice the Freudian slip so did I also wish to synthesize all aspects of self, taking away old labels and asking for a dissolution of such labels, even as I suggest a dissolution of egos in order to become a more balanced person. I suggest that no labels are really necessary once the underlying self is discovered. For within each of you is the capability to understand the self as pure energy, with pure spirit driven potential. You see?

Yes, but labels and definitions are necessary or how would anything be properly understood? In fact, I can attest that my own journey has benefited greatly by being able to assign new labels to my experiences, opening so many new doors, including this door to you.

Yes, of course, I am not disputing any of that, but what I am saying is that with a new I.D., a new sense of self, as you further discover your balance and your gifts of understanding, so will you find that even those labels, words, and definitions, once so helpful, will no longer be necessary or descriptive. The new language of spirit, and the practices and experiences you undertake and receive, will call for new words, and explanations as well, and they may be both personal and universal experiences. Your own inner work will reveal the meaning to you simply in your understanding of your experiences on an individual, moment to moment, level.

Do not dismiss what you seek to teach and to learn on a daily basis. Do not push aside your old terminology that works so well for you, but do look for new words to identify your new experiences of spirit. As you reveal to your self the importance of your experiences, in the context of your life, so will you find that many psychological terms attempt to consolidate such spiritual experiences in concrete terms, yet without admitting the truth of the underlying spiritual aspect of the experience.

So, I suggest new I.D.s, new egos, new alignments, new means of expression. Whether based in Jungian, Freudian, or Schopenhauerian terms, so do all of them attempt to explain that which has been considered unexplainable. But you know this unexplainable as experiences of the spirit, of other worlds, of interconnectedness, and that is what we seek to teach, not words per se. We teach the ability to accept the true facts of life as energy, as spirit, leading to true acceptance of such aspects of life, offering awareness, and access to allowing each one of you to accept the gifts, the experiences you are given.

The signs are everywhere, even in my messages, but what are the signs, the I.D.s, in your own life, and how are you aligning with them? What are your experiences teaching you? Do you trust them? Do you seek them? Do you allow yourself to learn from them? Or do you forget them and fall too easily back into daily slumber?

Lift up your lid, allow energy to flow more freely in and out of your head, releasing your old ideas and allowing your experiences to teach you now, with no lids on your awareness, no labels, no Ids, egos, autos, or unaccepted aspects of self to interfere with your progress. As you have your experiences in life use them now to teach your self the true meaning of your journey. What does it truly mean? That is what you continually seek, the true meaning of who you are. Am I right?