#460 Facing the Breeze or Turning Your Back: Your Choice

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us now?

Anchor your selves in your realities, My Dear Ones. Find your balance, your equilibrium, but also your truths. Stare at your known truths, accepting them and the necessity of them in your lives. Do not dismiss what you know is true, nor attempt to disguise it from your self, for in so doing will you only prolong your agony and fulfillment of your destiny. In acceptance of self, at this moment along your path, will you begin your next step from a place of clarity and renewed awareness.

When I speak of truth I do not speak of your inner secrets, at least not yet. What I ask you to accept, as your truths are, first, the truths of that world, that reality. Where are you in your life, right now?

Give your self the opportunity to take a moment of quiet, an evening or afternoon of contemplation, as you spell out your reality in very firm and clear script. Look upon your situation in life as perfectly right and necessary. Look upon it with mature knowing and acceptance, saying: Okay, this is where I am right now. But the next statement in an evolving being becomes: Okay, so what am I going to do to change it, to move on with truth as my guide?

As you take account of your life situation in the outer world, looking at your financial situation, your relationships with those who are nearest and dearest; as you look at your self in the work place, in the grocery store, on line at the bank, ask your self to accept this person of now as the true self, for this moment.

Now connect that outer person to the inner self. Allow the big baby to step down from its archaic pulpit, ask the true inner child to trust you, and allow your heart to speak more clearly to you, as you put aside your lists and figures, and your dilemmas of falling economy and outer despair.

Ask your inner self to speak plainly to you now, as plainly as your outer self has spoken. Beside your outer truths place your inner truths, based on your deeply patient and waiting inner spirit self. Who are you inside? What is it that this inner self is telling you, right now?

Combine these two plain speaking selves. Allow them to nestle together in the footsteps of your path and, with combined effort, take your next move with this energy of clarity as your motivation. Use your truths to motivate you. But I speak of your pragmatic outer truths balanced with your deepest inner truths of character and spirit. I do not mean to imply that you have not been acting from these truths, but I fear that you have not been acting from them with awareness.

To be on your path is a process that is most necessary to recognize as perfectly appropriate and right for you, though you may feel that you are stuck on the wrong path. Only your awareness of the truths of the self will allow you to accept the necessity of the path you find your self on, and this is what I speak of today.

Are you ready to accept your current situation and your current process as the most meaningful path for you to be on, at this very moment? Stay in the moment as you observe your self. Stay in the truth of the moment as you look at your self with eyes that do not lie and eyes that soften with compassion for the self. As you look at your self in this manner may you find that what you strive for is already present in your life.

All the tools have been given. All the knowledge is present. All the abilities have been taught and learned. The only thing that is lacking is action, action based on the truth of your reality. This is the place to awaken to, and not only gain clarity on, but to fully acknowledge that it is so in order for you to be available for your next action, your next step, based in reality.

I ask that you allow your self to accept your stumbling, faltering, and weary self, as you would accept any tired traveler. But I also ask that you accept full responsibility for your journey, for your reality, and now use your combined spirit potential and your truths to lead you forward.

It is time for action now, action based on truths as they have been revealed by your inner and outer selves in consultation and decision making, based in reality. Only in basing your actions in true reality will your movements now have impact in your life.

The energy now is of such force that if you do not hold fast to your reality you may end up smothered by your fantasies again, and that is not what you want, although it may be what you need.

Contemplate that, as you go now into the current energy and into the currents of this powerful energy that has the potential to both reveal truths and to cover truths. But it depends on where you stand, facing the breeze or turning your back on it? Your choice.