#459 Your Judgment-free Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Yes, My Dear Ones, I do. Continue your efforts to reach not only enlightenment of spirit, but remain focused also upon your path in that world of education, as you plod and skip along in your lives. It is not meant that you ignore or by-pass anything that life offers, but that you fully accept and document your time there as your greatest teaching ground, enabling your later leap forward into energetic composition.

I encourage awakening to that life, as well as to your spiritual being, for without awakening to both aspects of self will your journey be incomplete. I am sure you are aware of this, for I do not believe you would want to forfeit any of your proposed tests and challenges! Am I right? I jest, but at the same time I am quite serious. I do not like to leave any of you wallowing in your old attitudes or your old sadnesses, for then are you left behind to re-live upon the earth, once again renewing your acquaintance with such issues. You will find that they become quite well known, familiar, and even boring after a while, and your wishes to move on become your greatest friends and capacities.

I speak of truly awakening now, of no longer asking the same questions over and over again, but of truly asking the self new questions in order to jar you out of your ruts. A new time of new energy is now upon you, urging for consideration of life from a new viewpoint. Are you not ready for such newness? I believe that you are indeed!

If you remain attached to your old ways, attached to either the big baby self or the denying adult self, so will your awareness of what this new energy offers be hidden from you. Your desire for change must now outweigh your fears and your reluctance to do the work involved in actual participation in change. There will be no progress, no matter how many books you read and ideas you grasp, if you do not become an active player in your changing world.

So this is what I now propose to those of you who are working on your growth, your balanced growth: It is time to put the big baby to rest, to take up the staff you have left by the doorway, and to walk out into the world, each day, fully clothed in your compassionate adult self, with eyes and heart open to a new experience of life as your greatest teacher and each step as an awakening, as well as progress toward fulfillment.

With this intent, to not only observe life differently, as your guide and teacher, but to actively participate as an adult, full of compassion for self and others, may you now begin to travel differently. Or perhaps you will find that what you once thought so important to seek now becomes less so, as new things come to your attention.

Compassionate adult travel entails a great deal of shedding and releasing, and although you may at first consider this to be too challenging, so do I say: Give it a try anyway! As you open your door on your first day of newness, leave your old ideas and judgments behind in the crib with the big baby. Allow old worn out lives to remain behind and carry forth true openness with you. For your adventures will be quite enlightening as you look upon others with the same eyes that you too wish to be looked upon with.

As you let your old judgments of self go, do the same for others, dropping your initial thoughts immediately as they enter your head, and instead look around inside your spirit self for more compassionate understanding, and give this your energy.

What are old judgments? Well, you know what they are for you. Each of you has plenty of judgments about the self and others. Everything, from what you first say to your self in the mirror every morning to what you first think about the person beside you, may be considered judgments. Your judgments may be inflated, or they may be questionable, but, most likely, they have kept you bound and stuck to old ideas and old places.

Who are you really, and who do you wish to evolve to? Your dreams of evolutionary growth and change will not be realized until you begin some serious changes in your outer world, as well as your inner world. Your interactions must begin to shift from desires and wants to openness and emptiness of any desires. Your judgment-free self does not need anything in return. You see? This self is perfectly happy and contented to be open to the energy of the world and of life in general, which is your greatest guide and your greatest teacher.

Begin your new life, today, by shedding each thought that arises in reference to others. Do not judge as you are used to doing, but look upon each other now with empty openness, and allow a new door to spring open. I recommend putting the babies safely to bed, they will not be harmed or fettered with any more issues or burdens, for they have already done their work. Now it is time for the new adult self to live and to discover what it means to venture forth on a new judgment-free highway, freed of old ideas and open to the road ahead.